Battle for Middle Earth 2 – Its Expensive so Pirate It

Some time ago, EA lost the right to manufacture and sell copies of Battle for Middle Earth 2. Now that the game is no longer in stores, the only way anyone could purchase a legit copy of BFME2 and its expansion, Rise of the Witch King on PC is through someone else that owns the game.

Obviously there are other methods of getting the game (pirating) and those methods seem like the only reasonable road to take unless you want to pay the brainless price of £150.

The cheapest BFME 2 I’ve seen was a used copy on Ebay for £35. A used copy? Doesn’t that mean the code in it’s box has already been punched in? If you want to play it alone on the Xbox 360 there are cheaper discs available, well, there was last time I checked.

So if you really want to play the game, what else can one do but pirate the 9 year old game? Usually pirating is for assholes that say ‘this developer is an jerk, they don’t deserve my money’ or ‘ill buy the game later’ but in this case there really isn’t another option.

Sadly there are methods put in place by EA that help prevent pirates playing this game. One common issue I’ve yet to see someone find a fix for is the 3:30 defeat. Some pirated copies of Battle for Middle Earth 2 and the Witch King expansion end all games at 3 minutes. Its a pain in the ass when when wanting to play this game with friends.

So do you want to play this old but gold strategy game? Good luck.

Although pirating video games is for cunts and I usually disagree with it, this 9 year old BFME title is one of the few exceptions. I’ve found a video guide that should assist you in acquiring the game, just hope you don’t run in to the 3:30 thing.

Video Description:
*Note that links may be out of date

Uploaded on 27 May 2010… — torrent… —– cracks

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Very important. NEVER under ANY circumstances should you update this game or play online with it. Both of these actions will render the game useless. If you want to play “online” get tunngle or hamachi or what ever vpn you like and do it that way.
Every time I install a torrented game I turn off my internet. Just to be safe. I have never needed to do this for this game. I have installed this game about 20 times using this video as a guide. I’ll list the steps for youtubers.

(This is really just for people that have had issues installing. An example of this would be opening POWERISO as admin then mounting the file. )
1. Go to… and download the torrent

2. Right click the torrent ( in ubuntu ) and select “open containing folder”

3. Right click the .iso and hover over PowerISO and then select mount

4. Go back to ubuntu and Open File Location again on the torrent

5. Double click the Iso – it should open up in PowerISO

6. Click on the CRACK folder and click on the application make sure to hit “run file directly”

7. Click Generate and then keep the keygen open while you install

8. Open My Computer and install the game using the key from the keygen and then quit the launcher

9. Go to… and download the crack 1.0 and then extract it to a folder

10. Open the file location of the crack and copy it

11. Navigate to your Electionic Arts folder (it is probably either x32 or 86x) and paste it over the game.dat (you can just paste it in the white space)

12. If you’re in windows vista/7/8 right click the desktop icon and click the compatibility mode for windows xp sp2 and also have it run as admin. Click okay and you should good If it doesn’t than you should select “disable desktop composition,” “disable display scaling on high dpi settings,” and “disable visual themes”

That is the description of the video embedded above. I (Dicerz) didn’t write it nor did I create the links. If you get a virus or something that fucks up your computer, don’t blame me.


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