Best Silver 5 Support EU West

Season 5 has been rough for me these past couple of days. Starting off with Silver 5, advancing to Silver 4 in almost no time at all then getting hammered down into the depths of silver once again.

With my death count going beyond the point of grief, I occasionally ask myself, why do i play this game? Well, the answer its simple… It is to play games that result in this:

Support silver 5 dicerz


On 0 LP in Silver 5, I hit malphite-bottom. I don’t know if this was the act of the ELO gods or because i had a cup of pure caffine when while this game was taking place.

Sadly I didn’t have Fraps running to showcase one of the better games I’ve played as Support but┬áthe full set┬ádetails on that match can be found here.

Leona is a pro support.

I am now officially the best support in Silver 5

Bronze V here I come.



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