3D Printed Destiny Guns and Weapons look AWESOME

Destiny may have its flaws but it equally has its ups! One of the greatest things about Bungie’s Destiny is the way it looks. The environment, the characters, everything in Destiny looks awesome!

Some awesome Destiny fans have taken some epic looking things in Destiny and made them real and it looks fucking cool. Most of this real life Destiny gear and weapons have been created using 3-D printers and some great artistic skill.

Thorn & Sloans Creations

One of my favourite weapons on Destiny is the exotic hand gun, Thorn. Someone named Sloan created Thorn using a mixture of talent, 3D printing and a lot of glue!

Thorn real life destiny guns

It just looks epic.

Sloan has managed to create a number of different weapons and gear in real life and he show cases all of his projects on his blog. Some of this other real life Destiny equipment include another hand cannon named The Last Word, the Blade Dancer’s Arc Blade and even the Dinklebot (Ghost)!

The Last Word real life destiny guns

The Last Word

Destiny Arc Blade real life destiny weapons

Deadly looking Arc Blade

Destiny Hunters Knife real life destiny weapons

Bad-ass Hunter’s Knife

real life ghost destiny

The Dinklage

There are many other real life Destiny weapons, gear and equipment that have been created by many people and they all look badass.

Destiny has a good number of unique looking exotic and legendary weapons, most of which look and feel very powerful, Its no surprise people want to re-create the epic guns and equipment and bring them to life.

Exotic Heavy Machine Gun, Thunderlord

Destiny guns in real life, exotic weapons thunderlord

Its extremely large (not what she said)

The Thunderlord, if this was real a real gun, I imagine it would hold the power to start and stop wars. It would also be really, really heavy.

This Thunderlord recreation was done buy a guy named Kirby Downey who says this 3D printed exotic Destiny weapon took almost 200 hours to create with 45 different parts.

Destiny guns in real life, exotic weapons thunderlord 2

I hope they aren’t real!

You can find all of Kirby’s creations (his name is Kirby haha, awesome) and you can even 3D print the parts yourself here.

3-D Printers are the future, I recently read that people are doing cool (and useful) stuff with them, most recently I read that NASA was able to ‘Email’ a wrench to someone in the International Space Station.  If my Grandfather was alive and I told him this happened, his head would literally explode, we live in the future. Who knew 3D printers weren’t just for printing out fake guns and video game stuff? Speaking of which…

Conduit F3 Fusion Rifle

Destiny real life fusion rifle conduit F3

Not as big as Thunderlord.

I may be doing this 3D creation a disservice by showcasing it after the huge Thunderlord, fortunately when this Fusion Rifle meets a person, it compares very nicely.

Conduit F3 Destiny Weapon Real Life 3d Print

Why is there 2 barrels? For extra death.

This 3D printed Fusion rifle has extraordinary detail and likeness to the Conduit F3 found in Destiny. This gun looks so good, it even made The Master Chief  turn his back on his own Franchise!

master chief 3d printed conduit Destiny

Halo 5 is all Agent Lock anyway, right?

This awesome Destiny weapon was printed and created by Elliot Viles. You can find more details and the 3D print (Who doesn’t have a 3D printer?) of this Destiny weapon here.

Destiny’s weapons look great. They look even better after some smart and talented people 3D print off parts and turn them into the things you see above. Its quite simply amazing.

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