(UPDATED) Halo MCC 523mb Update


The first impressions were great on this new update (see below) but I am now in my second game of match making, it took a few minutes and an Xbox hard reset to find it. Its 4v3 and there are connection issues, people lagging around.

Maybe its not so great, only time will tell.


After playing Halo MCC after this recent update, matchmaking times have improved dramatically. After loading the game, finding players and starting the game took around 100 seconds after completing the recent update.

After loading my first Match Making game after update, all 5 players were in-game and all 5 players were active after the game. Luck, coincidence? Its a first for me and seems to have improved judging by 1st impressions.


Many players have just got a 523mb  for Halo MCC although there is no word on what the update should be fixing.

Frank O’Connor is the only person (that i know of so far) to mention this update.

There are no patch notes or any details as of yet on what the update contains and how it plans on fixing issues.

I’ll update this post whenever I find out more information about the 523mb patch.

Its probably a good idea to remember that the patch won’t be effect in whatever its meant to be effecting until most people have downloaded it. Give it a chance and wait a few hours.

Frank also mentioned that there is ‘more coming’, lets hope these updates will improve the game as a whole.

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