What is DarkScape?

Darkscape is a new take on the world of Gielinor where all areas are PvP enabled with guarded cities and towns. This is an official product from Jagex, it is not a 3rd party creation and anyone with a Runescape account can access it by having the Runescape client installed and visiting https://darkscape.runescape.com.

Jagex kept the development of this new game mode a secret right up until the point of release on the 16th of September. Darkscape forces everyone to use legacy mode (Oldschool combat) however keeps the current Runescape’s world, aesthetics and animations meaning players from both Oldschool Runescape and Runescape 3 can jump into Darkscape and feel familiar with it.

Advancing in this game is going to be difficult, players will always look to kill anyone that looks as if they have valuables on them. Fortunately anyone that gets skulled isn’t able to access the guarded cities and towns.

DarkScape F.A.Q

Below are a number of questions and answers taken from the DarkScape website.

Why make DarkScape?

We have created DarkScape as a way of trying something new, using the wealth of content available in RuneScape to create an entirely new type of experience – one not possible in RuneScape itself.


Why haven’t you mentioned it until now?

DarkScape is an experiment in emergent gameplay, and we want everyone to come to it totally fresh.


What are the key differences between DarkScape and RuneScape?

Open-world PvP:

  • Wilderness-Rules PvP applies everywhere in DarkScape. You can be attacked at any time, in any part of the world.
  • The level difference at which you can be attacked increases rapidly as you travel away from major settlements, and deactivates entirely in the most dangerous areas.
  • Major cities are patrolled by powerful NPC guards, who will attack anyone who’s skulled…but nowhere is truly safe.


Three economies:

  • Everywhere in the world falls into one of three regions, denoting low, medium and high risk.
  • Each of the three regions has its own, separate Grand Exchange and Bank – with greatly limited space.
  • The higher the risk of the region, the more valuable resources and lucrative content you’ll find there.


Travel is difficult and dangerous:

  • Teleportation of any kind between regions is not possible while carrying items.
  • All teleports take time to cast, and home teleports can be interrupted by combat.
  • World hopping takes time and can be interrupted, much in the same way as teleportation.


A level field:

  • Everyone starts from level 1, and progress in RuneScape does not affect DarkScape.
  • Combat is locked to Legacy Mode.
  • Gear above level 75 requirement gives greatly reduced stat returns, compared to RuneScape.
  • All content can be accessed by free players – even that which is members-only in RuneScape.
  • Being a RuneScape member gives +50% XP, improved drops, double bank space and double items kept on death.
  • The members’ benefits are handy, and make progression a good deal quicker, but it’s entirely possible to play for free and remain competitive.


14 years of content…and a new horizon:

  • DarkScape contains most of RuneScape’s content, up the end of May 2015.
  • Earlier pieces of unavailable content are Dungeoneering, Clan Citadels and the Lending System.
  • Content is now branched – DarkScape will not be updated with future RuneScape content, and it will have its own content updates in the future.


How can I play DarkScape?

Simply log into the DarkScape website with your RuneScape details.


Do I need a new account?

No, DarkScape and RuneScape are separate games and DarkScape runs on it’s own dedicated server. You can use your RuneScape account to log in, however, this will be a brand new account and won’t be affected by your stats in RuneScape similar to the way Old School RuneScape accounts are played. If you do not have a RuneScape account you can create a new account for DarkScape.


Does my progress in RuneScape affect DarkScape, and vice versa?

Not at all. DarkScape is an entirely separate game. When you first log into DarkScape you will be at base level – regardless of your progress in RuneScape. Progressing in DarkScape will have no effect on your RuneScape game save, and vice versa.


Do I need to pay?

All of DarkScape’s content is available completely free. Note that this includes the vast majority of RuneScape’s members’ content.


Won’t people leave RuneScape to play this?

DarkScape is a very different game, aimed at a different type of player: an open PvP sandbox using RuneScape’s existing content as a base.

While most of RuneScape’s content is included and can be accessed for free, everyone starts from base level. There’s also less benefit to getting the highest-level gear, as anything over level 75 gives greatly diminished returns, in comparison to RuneScape.

RuneScape will continue to get regular new content, whereas DarkScape’s future release schedule will start with frequent small updates in response to player activity.


Will developing DarkScape take time out of RuneScape development?

Not at all. We have only a few people working on DarkScape for now, with support from others in their personal projects time. If DarkScape proves to be popular, we will restructure or build the dedicated team as necessary without impacting RuneScape’s update cadence.


I’m a RuneScape member. How does that affect DarkScape?

Playing DarkScape with a RuneScape members’ account confers the following benefits:


  • Double bank space
  • +50% XP gain
  • +1 item kept on death


What happens if I have any account related issues?

You can contact our Player Support team as normal. You would have one account that can log into RuneScape, Old School RuneScape and DarkScape – any account issues can be dealt with by our Support Team.

What happens to any offences on my account?

As mentioned, all accounts are linked. Any offences you gain in one version of the game will apply to other versions of the game.


Is there a way to transfer your RuneScape stats across to DarkScape?

No, everyone starts from scratch.


Will there be gravestones? What happens when you die?

There will be no gravestones. Wilderness rules apply.


How long will I be skulled for?

The skull is caused by initiating combat with another player or their familiar and lasts for the same time as in RuneScape if you’ve initiated a fight in the Wilderness. If you are skulled, guards around the city will attack you.


Why Legacy only?

We appreciate that having different modes in this version of the game could get complicated especially as Old School players and RuneScape players may want to try it. By reducing the complexity for players entering the game it should be more comfortable for the majority of audiences.


Will all high-tier weapons get new special attacks?

No. We don’t have plans to change this at this moment in time.


Will high-tier armours get set effects?

No. We don’t have plans to change this at this moment in time.


Can we give suggestions?

We will be listening to the community and watching how everyone is playing then developing systems to support everyone. We will be working fast though so development choices will be based on observations rather than polled content.


Can I play using my Ironman account?

You can use your Ironman log-in details to access DarkScape, but it will be the same as any other account (there is no Ironman status in DarkScape).


Will there be a high scores table?

There isn’t a high-scores table at the moment, we want you define your own measures of success.


Is it pay-to-win?

No, since all content is available for free. While being a member can help to accelerate progression and the accumulation of gear, gear’s effectiveness tails off at level 75, compared to the main game, meaning power difference is less pronounced than in RuneScape. While being a member helps you to progress more quickly, it is not necessary in order to be competitive.


Are you going to add microtransactions?

Possibly – offering an effect similar to membership over short and/or non-recurring periods.


How does DarkScape compare to Old School’s Deadman Mode?

The similarities are:

• Open PvP
• Town Protection

DarkScape is a game about cutthroat trade and transport of resources. Its three regions have their own, separate Grand Exchanges and banks, so the name of the game is braving the most dangerous areas to get the best loot and getting it back safely to sell it on. Only items are lost on death – not progress – so death is a secondary concern to stashing your loot.

Deadman Mode is – essentially – a survival game. Its harsh death penalties (loss of 50% XP) come along with greatly accelerated progression. You can also raid others’ banks – and have your bank raided in turn.


Will you keep DarkScape updated with all of RuneScape’s content?

Future RuneScape content will not be merged into DarkScape. Rather, DarkScape will have frequent tweaks and – in the future – larger updates of its own to support emergent gameplay.


Will DarkScape have its own content in the future?

We certainly hope so. We’ve got some cool ideas, but the essential point is that DarkScape is what you make it. Future updates will likely be aimed at creating exciting new scenarios in which you can fight, loot and trade.

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