Would you like to see a new Crash Bandicoot game?

There has been some speculation of a new Crash game coming to consoles. This speculation comes from a simple PlayStationEU Tweet (see below). PlayStation are only celebrating a 20th birthday and the tweet is nothing but a memory of the good old times, i think.

Some of the best memoires as a kid come from playing the Crash games. Crash Team Racing is one of my most favoured games of all time. Would it be a great thing to see a new Crash game? I really don’t know.

The Crash Bandicoot games I personally thought were the best are the Naughty Dog developed ones. CTR and the Initial 3 Crash games were the some of the funnest games I can remember playing.  The newest Crash games developed by Radical Entertainment were my least enjoyed games within the series.

Would a new Crash game really be what Crash lovers want? The more recent Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind over Mutant were fun games but weren’t received well when compared to other Crash titles in the series.

Crash Bandicoot Remaster Remake New game Naughty Dog 2014 2015

You can’t be sitting comfortably, Crash!

Unless there is a classic Crash game being remastered, I really don’t want there to be any new Crash games in fear of them being similar to Radical Entertainment’s versions. Crash Team Racing 2010 was going to be a thing before it was unfortunately cancelled. Many Crash Bandicoot lovers would prefer to see a remake of the original trilogy and/or CTR instead of a new game.

Its doubtful that there will be a new or even remastered Crash game any time soon. If the speculation generated from a simple celebration tweet was to be met with reality,  would you rather have a remake, a new title or nothing new at all when it comes to the Crash Bandicoot series?

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