5 Good Food Methods for Iron Man Accounts in Oldschool Runescape


Iron Man accounts in OSRS can find it hard to gather up a large amount of good food without the need for high fishing and cooking levels. Listed below are 5 different food buying methods that can be extremely useful for Iron Men looking to train and/or quest.

Method 1: Jugs of Wine

Jugs of Wine can be purchased 5 at a time in Draynor at Fortunato’s Wine Stall for1 gp
each. The wine heals for 11 health points each and unfortunately will reduce the attack
skill stat by 2 or 3 points (it is wine after all).

Iron man food guide wine

Wine can also be stolen from the stall at level 22 thieving. If you are looking to have a
nice numerous amount of wine stored in the bank, buying the 5 wine in stock then
hopping worlds and repeating that process will prove to be the fastest way of obtaining
it as an Iron Man.

Method 2: Meat Pies

Meat Pies are another good food for any low/medium level Iron Man. A whole meat pie
heals the same amount as a cooked lobster (12 points) and is eaten in two halves, each
half restoring 6 hit points.

Iron man food guide meat pie

In 2007scape, Iron Man accounts can buy these meat pies from the Forester’s Arm
Tavern located at Seers Village, west of the bank and the elemental workshop. Speak to
the bartender and ask for a pie, he will charge players 16gp for one. In order to fill an
inventory faster, use the keyboard to navigate the chat dialog and remember the
sequence (example: space,2,space,space,1,space).

Method 3: Cake Stall

‘borrowing’ cakes, bread and chocolate slices from the Cake Stall in Ardougne is an
extremely popular way for Iron Men to get food. It has a tiny requirement of 5 thieving
and two banks are close by.

Iron man food guide cake stall

A lot of early Iron Man accounts tend to stock up a lot of food via this method before
progressing forward because the food obtained is free and can be used for training at
all levels effectively. Each cake contains three slices and each slice restores 4 hit points.

Method 4: Warriors Guild Food Shop

Within the Warrior’s Guild there is one of the best food shops an Iron Man can use. It
contains low, medium and high level food. Unfortunately for any low leveled Iron Man,
accessing the Warrior’s Guild requires the Attack and Strength levels to add up to 130
or alternatively have 99 in either of them.

Iron man food guide warriors guild

The food shop doesn’t store a large amount of each item to stocking up on these
supplies can be a difficult task at times. Due to the high healing food available here,
people tend to buy the stock in each world.

The stew and trout aren’t what is sought after here due to their low HP regen (11 & 7).
The bass heals for 13 HP, the pizza can be used to make some of the best food in the
game and the potato with cheese heals for 16 HP. If players want to purchase a lot of
food from this shop, multiple world hops will be needed.

Method 5: Making Pineapple Pizza

This final food making method is using Pineapple slices on plain pizza that you
purchase from the Warrior’s Guild shop or ones that you make yourself. Pineapple
Pizza is one of the best food items in the game, healing 22 points in total
(11hp  per slice) but requires 65 cooking to create.

Iron man food guide pineapple pizza

After buying or creating enough Plain Pizza, head to the Catherby charter ship south of
the bank and purchase pineapple from the vendors there. Not many people buy from
these shops so there should always be some stock. You will fill an inventory faster when
world hopping.

Using a knife on the pineapple can create 4 pineapple rings, so you only need 1
pineapple for every 4 plain pizzas. With 65 cooking, use the pineapple rings on the plain
pizza and quickly create some of the best food in the game, especially for Iron Men.

And that is 5 good food methods for any Iron Man out there in Oldschool Runescape.
If you have any other helpful tips on getting food as an iron man, please share it with
the readers using the discussion section below.

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