A Beginners Guide to Playing as a Good Support in League of Legends

The Support role in almost every League of Legends match is overlooked, under appreciated but always extremely important.

A tl’dr can be found at the bottom of the page.

This guide on how to Support is for newer players looking to try out this role and improve on it. I’m going to be writing this guide assuming that players know the basics and terminology of League. If you are a complete League of Legends beginner, you should read my previous guides before reading this one.

Are You Right for the Support Role?

You are going to have to ask yourself some questions before jumping into the overlooked but important role of Support. If the answer to all the questions below is ‘Yes’ then you should definitely give the support role a good go.

  • Are you happy to give up kills in order to help your team mates?
  • Are you bad at 1v1s and last hitting creeps?
  • Do you hate each time you are being ganked?
  • Do you have a good team-player attitude?
  • Do you get more deaths than kills in games you try to carry?

If you are a player that is getting lots of kills, having high damage output and have a good K/D ratio in games you play, you should stick to being a carry.

Picking a Support

There are multiple champions that make ideal supports. At this moment in time, some of the most played and most effective support champions are Leona, Morgana, Blitzcrank, Thresh, Sona and Janna.

Here is a list of champions that make great supports to play if you are a beginner in playing the role:

  • Leona
  • Alistar
  • Thresh
  • Janna
  • Braum
  • Morgana
  • Blitzcrank
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Lulu
  • Karma
  • Zilean

This guide is covering the general role of support, not individual champions. A quick google search (after reading this guide of course) of the champion you want to play with ‘build’ on the end will give you a guide on the champion you decide to play.

A Support’s Runes and Masteries

I won’t be writing a lot in this section of the guide. I’ve already written up guides on both Runes and Masteries. These guides are heavier in detail if you are looking for a more in-depth look at which runes and masteries you should take.

Most support champions and players are best when their mastery points are spend in the utility column. Some of the best runes and masteries to have active during a game as support is the passive gold income. Since your ADC will be taking all of the last hits on creeps, having support oriented runes and masteries that give more gold income over time helps with the lower gold income support players experience.

Just make sure you don’t have any useless runes. Runes that are usually useless to a Support provide lifesteal, attack speed and attack damage. If you are totally stuck on what to build, just go for the support basic runes and masteries that provide speed, armour, magic resist and gold income.

There is no perfect rune and mastery page that you can copy to help you in your support role. Like I said, I’ve written whole guides on masteries and runes, they give examples of rune pages and some general advice, check them out here.

 The Early Game

The early game can go a little slow for a support, you aren’t really effective until level 2/3 so for the first 2/3 minutes you are waiting around.

As a beginner in the support role, you should focus on purchasing the recommended gold-income item, a few potions and a sight trinket. With these items you are able to have gold income that replaces last-hitting creeps, you are able to stay in the lane longer and keep vision in the river to help prevent ganks.

There are 2 main opportunities to engage in the early game, that is when you hit level 2 and level 6. You should always unlock your 2 best CC (crowd control) skills first and try an engagement with those and then another engagement when you hit level 6 and get your Ultimate skill (R).

As a support, you should always try to initiate the fights in the bottom lane. Try to harass and poke their ADC while protecting your own and when the time is right either stun, pull, slow, snare the enemy ADC and go ham on it with your partner.

Some additional bonus advice would be to never underestimate your auto attacks, especially in the early game. Auto attacking the enemy helps a huge amount when it comes to winning the fights, just be sure not to finish them off (unless you really, really have to).

The Late Game

The late stages of the game is when the support role shines! Sadly, no one notices…

As a support, you should purchase one or two items that benefit your team and not just yourself in the later game. For example, using items that provide short bursts of speed, provide shields and beneficial auras could turn a sour team fight around in your favour.

Some of the best items that benefit the team come from the initial gold-income items such as the Relic Shield and Ancient Coin.

If there isn’t a target your whole team is focusing on together, hold tab and check which enemy has the most damage-output items and has been given most kills. Ask your full team to focus on the most dangerous targets and take it upon yourself to protect your most vulnerable allies (mostly the ADC) and CC the most dangerous enemies.

Keep warding! It helps, a lot. Even though most players tend to buy the vision trinket, as a support you should always have the Ruby Sightstone in your late game build. Depending on if your team is pushed back or of the enemy is pushed back, keep wards in the most travelled areas. Its also important to try and keep vision on the river objectives (Baron and Dragon).

If no one on your team has a Sweeping Lens to clear enemy vision, buy one and continue to use your sightstone.

Even more Tips and Tricks

Below is a list of important and additional advice you should keep in mind when playing the support role in League of Legends. This list also works as a TL;DR.

  • Communicate with team
  • Put asshole flamers on ignore
  • Try counter picking their support (only in draft games)
  • Don’t kill steal, just secure kills if necessary
  • Keep the vision up
  • Remember to equip appropriate Runes and Masteries
  • CC and protect the right targets in fights
  • Start the engagements if tanky
  • You aren’t the main damage dealer
  • Auto Attacks are still effective
  • Let your ADC kill the creeps
  • Pick a champion that suites your playstyle
  • Read a guide on the champion you play for even more advice

Got any additional advice you believe would make this guide even better? Let me know!

This beginners League of Legends guide lets you know most of the things you need to know before jumping into the support role. Its an enjoyable role that no one really plays which makes it easier to lock each game!

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