A Guide on the Exotic Weapon Bounty: Corrupted Thorn & Killing Xyor the Unwed

Part 2 of 2

Part two of my Exotic Weapon Bounty Thorn deals with Xyor, if you are not yet at the final stage of bounty, click here to see part 1.

Step 1: Corrupted Thorn – Kill Xyor, the Unwed

After slaving away on the grind that is Thorn’s Exotic Bounty, the time has come to defeat Xyor, the Unwed. If you are above level 25 this bounty shouldn’t be too difficult, especially not with a good team.

When you get to the stage of killing Xyor in the bounty, a new strike mission opens up on the moon, you must select the new one and make sure the Heroic modifier is on. It is a level 26 Summoning Pits strike and the only thing that is different is that it allows Xyor to spawn and you cannot find player through matchmaking, you must bring a fireteam.

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You and the 2 other players must fight your way through the strike until you reach Phogoth, the final boss. It is important that you do not kill Phogoth! 

Xyor the Unwed is a wizard that spawns on the bottom platform of Phogoth’s arena where drop ships release enemies.

Once in the final arena with Phogoth, you must kill multiple waves of enemies while having Phogoth unchained and alive. Killing enemies eventually allows drop ships to spawn in and inside a drop ship, Xyor awaits. Xyor the Unwed usually spawns from the 3rd drop ship although there is a chance it could be a 4th of 5th drop ship.

How do you get drop ships to appear? How do you get Xyor to spawn? Really, its luck. I read multiple guides while doing it myself that said he spawned within 10 minutes of fighting in the arena, it took me and the players I found on Destiny LFG over 30 minutes.

One trick I believed helped Xyor spawn along side making drop ships appear is to continually spawn enemies in by running around the arena and not staying in one spot. We huddled on the left side within the rocks for most of the time and things stopped spawning until I ventured up to the ledge were the Wizards spawn.

Again, drop ships will only spawn after killing waves of enemies and Xyor will be within one of those ships. There is no exact strategy that i am aware of that makes drop ships appear faster. Kill enemies, keep Phogoth alive, unchained and eventually Xyor will appear.

Killing Xyor will complete the part of the bounty, you do not have to finish the strike.

Step 2: Unbound Thorn – Finally Get Your Exotic Gun!

Thorn, A Light in the Dark, Depleted Hand Cannon guide

Exotic bounties make me cry!

After killing Xyor, return to the Speaker within the Tower and claim your well deserved exotic hand cannon, Thorn!

That Exotic Bounty was a pain in the ass, right?

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