A Guide on the Exotic Weapon Bounty : A Light in the Dark & Depleted Hand Cannon | PART 1

Part 1 of 2

So, you finally received an exotic bounty and picked the same bounty to complete as i did, A Light in the Dark. It seems easy at first (The reason i choose it) until you find out all of the other shit you need to complete. Don’t worry, i feel your pain and i’m here to help you through it!

Step 1: A Light in the Dark

– Complete “The Summoning Pits” Strike on the Moon.

So the task seems straight forward , it is and you get the pick the difficulty.

The fastest way to complete The summoning pits is obviously on the lowest level. Assuming that you are level 20+ when receiving the Exotic bounty, selecting the moon and then selecting the Summing Pits (level 12) strike is the best way to go. You will receive teammates at a similar level and you should be able to fly through this part of the bounty in no more than 30 minutes.

Step 2: Depleted Hand Cannon

A) Earn 500 points by killing Hive enemies on the Moon.
Points: 2 for killing normal mobs, 20 for Majors and 50 for Ultras.

Now this easy bounty is starting to take a turn for the worst, and this is just the beginning.

I completed this task within an hour or so by simply completing ‘The Summoning Pits’ strike on the easiest difficulty twice. The final boss gives you 50 points alone, and there are plenty of enemies and majors on the way to him in order to rack up another 200 points, if you kill everything that is.

Do that twice, and within a short period of time you should be moving onto the next part of the exotic weapon bounty.

Twitter Thorn Guide a Light in the Dark Depleted Hand Cannon

B) Use Void Damage to defeat Guardians in the Crucible. Death will slow your progress.
Must get 500 points. A kill with a Void weapon gives 5 points, any death removes 2. 

Still on the Depleted Hand Cannon part of the exotic bounty, this part requires a decent skill in the Competitive Multiplayer aspect of Destiny.  You also need a secondary and/or a special weapon that deals Void damage.

This part of the exotic bounty is probably going to change the way you play the competitive multiplayer, and you are probably going to get pissed off like i did.

Initially i thought this was going to be impossible to complete until i learned that i must camp with my Void shotgun. Its not a technique i am proud of and i am afraid to admit it but Bungie made me do it!

Camping around corners with the shotgun and defending points in Control allows me to get more points every game. It is going to take me a few hours of multiplayer game time to finally get this done, but i do it, and so will you!

There is no ‘guide’ on how to complete this task, you just need to alter the way you play to match the Void weapon(s) you have. Try not to die.

Some more in-depth advice on getting the 500 points with Void Weapons on the Crucible be found here (scroll down a little!). Don’t depend on this link, its just some tips. Again, it depends on skill level and your weapons.

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