A Guide to Crucible Commendations and Reputation

Before I get started on giving tips on how to get Crucible reputation that inevitably leads to Crucible Commendations, there is no way to get Crucible rep and commendations other than inside the Crucible. If you suck at the PvP, its going to be a bumpy ride.

For those that don’t know what commendations are or how to get them. They are a currency needed to purchase some of the new pieces of armour found at the rep vendors. Each time you level up your reputation in either the Crucible or Vanguard factions, you gain a commendation.

Lets begin, shall we?

Method 1: Obviously, bounties.
Crucible Bounties > Crucible Reputation > Crucible Commendations

Destiny crucible commendations reputation marks guide farming team rumble

Doing things like stabbing people

Grinding bounties may seem like an obvious thing to say, but many people tend to skip over the fact that they provide good reputation, and some people don’t use them optimally

With the 5 extra bounty slots that were given to Destiny players a few weeks ago, we can all stock up on extra bounties.  Pick up every bounty for the day, even if you don’t think you’ll be able to complete some on that day. The extra bounty slots lets you keep Crucible bounties while being able to pick up more the next day, giving you the ability to complete more then 5 a day.

Right now, I have 8 crucible bounties (it would be 10 if it wasn’t for my Exotic bounties) all of which I can complete today in a few hours, giving me 700 crucible reputation along side the reputation I gain just from playing games. I pick up all the bounties every day and ones I don’t complete carry over until the next, its great and keeps a nice flow of Crucible reputation coming in.

Method 2: Fast games of Rumble 

Free-for-fall (AKA Rumble in Destiny) is one of the fastest game types in most first person shooters, including Destiny.

Destiny crucible commendations reputation marks guide farming

Get rewarded, even if you suck!

With there only being 5 other players to find for a game of Rumble, it takes about 1 minute from the time you hit Launch to when the game starts. Rumble games have a time limit of 10 minutes and the score is up to 25 kills. It (on average) takes around 8 minutes for the top player to finish a game. Assuming you don’t win, you will get 10 rep per game. It takes about 10 minutes per Rumble game, that means anywhere between 60 and 150 (depending on how good you are) Crucible reputation per hour, excluding bounties.

Rumble is also a good place to complete a bunch of Crucible bounties. I find it the best place to Enforcer and Postmortem bounties along side some others.

Remember, gaining fast Crucible reputation leads to faster Crucible Commendation gain.

Method 3: Find a team!

It is important to understand that there is no super-fast farming way to gain Crucible commendations or reputation other than playing the games and bounties. Although the PvP is fun, playing it over and over just to get more reputation can make it a duller experience.

Destiny crucible commendations reputation marks guide farming team

Best Friends Forever

Friends and Clans! Playing in the Crucible with people you enjoy playing with can make it less boring and if you are all pretty good at the game and know how to communicate, you may find yourselves winning more games.

A less boring experience can lead to you playing it more, meaning more reputation.

Now you may be asking yourself ‘How to friend?’

Turning strangers into friends on Destiny is tougher than it should be. Even though Bungie recently included the ability to speak with random people in most playlists, no one ever uses their mic.

The good news is that there are many places online where you can find players to play with. Some of these places include: DestinyLFG, Reddit’s Fireteams sub and there are many forums on Bungie that allow you to find teams and clans.

These are all just tips on how to make your Crucible Commendation and Reputation farming grind more enjoyable and a little simpler. Like I’ve said before, there is no amazing farming guide on getting Crucible commendations, marks or reputation, just play the multiplayer.

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