A Guide to Destiny Exotic Weapon Bounty: Darkness-Infused Pulse Rifle (Toland’s Legacy)

After running around like a madman doing 25 strikes, talking to a bunch of NPCs and all, you have finally reached the point of needing to defeat Guardians in the Crucible.

If you are looking for a guide on gathering pages of Toland’s Journal, click here.

The Darkness Infused Pulse Rifle part of the overall Toland’s Legacy exotic bounty asks us Destiny players to ‘Defeat Guardians in the Crucible.’ and then tells us we have 0/10000 completed. Don’t worry, that isn’t 10000 kills! Its more like… 400.

I’m kidding! This bounty is actually pretty easy, that is because you get 25 points towards the bounty on each Titan or Hunter kill or assist and a whopping 75 points on any Warlock kill or assist.

Completing this bounty is no problem for anyone that is average or above in skill level when playing Crucible because the average player gets about 10 kills and 5 assists per game which will usually provide 500 points towards this exotic weapon bounty. That means the average Destiny PVPer needs to play 20 games to complete it without even thinking of it.

But what about the players that don’t play the Crucible and aren’t that good when it comes to it? Don’t worry, I have a guide for that!

I am¬†writing up a guide on completing the Darkness-Infused Pusle Rifle part of Toland’s Legacy for players that aren’t great at the PvP AKA Crucible. The dummies guide on getting Bad Juju has a lot of helpful tips on getting the 10000 points faster than you normally would if you suck ass in the Crucible.

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