A Guide to Obtaining Super Good Advice (Mournful/Recalcitrant Gun Exotic Weapon Bounty)

Congratulations on obtaining your exotic bounty. This exotic weapon bounty can start with one of two titles: A Mournful Gun or A Recalcitrant Gun. Either bounty has the same objective, to find a gun in a loot crate on Mars.

I found this exotic bounty to be one of the easier ones, it doesn’t require much effort and can be completed passively while doing other things in Destiny.

Note that the named items and titles in this Exotic Bounty vary but the steps are still the same.

Step 1: Find a Mournful or Recalcitrant Gun on Mars.

The first step in obtaining Super Good Advice is to actually find it, makes sense right? You should be able to complete this first part of the exotic weapon bounty very quickly, if you know where the chests are location.

For this bounty, the best place to find numerous chests quickly on Mars is just down from the landing zone. Below is a short YT video showing where chests spawn at the Mars LZ

After searching through some chests, collecting Glimmer, Relic Iron and most importantly finding the Super Good Advice gun you will then be tasked to take it back to the Gunsmith located on the Tower.

The Gunsmith will then direct you to purchasing a Pristine Golden Age Ammunition from Xur, something that can only be done on the weekend. If you get this bounty on a Monday like I did, I feel your pain. The Pristine Golden Age Ammunition needed to obtain A Pleased Machine Gun costs a single Strange Coin, thanks Xur.

Step 2: Kill 500 Enemies With a Machine Gun

Many of the exotic bounties are a pain in the ass to complete, some require you to be good at the Crucible, some require you to fight bosses that are a pain in the ass just to encounter, and sometimes they just take a long time.

Luckily for you, this Super Good Advice exotic bounty isn’t all that bad and can be completed without really thinking about it. To obtain Super Good Advice, you must kill 500 enemies with a Machine Gun.

Killing any enemy with a Machine Gun grants a point towards the 500 kills, headshots and sprees grant 3 points. It is important to remember that killing any enemy with a Rocket Launcher negates 5 points. Do not use a Rocket Launcher while this Exotic bounty is active if you are looking  to complete it.

Super Good Advice Exotic Bounty Destiny Guide Tutorial

Since you get a total of 3 points per headshot, a nice piece of advice would be use a slower firing Machine Gun if you can. The slower the fire-rate the better chance you have of scoring a headshot allowing you to save the heavy ammo. Another useful hint would be to focus on killing all the one-shot enemies. Killing the Dreg & Thrall are the most obvious enemies that die extremely fast.

If you want to find a large hoard of enemies to get this Exotic Bounty done as quick as possible, some missions on the Moon throw a tonne of enemies at you. Both Shrine Of Oryx and The Dark Beyond are two missions that come to mind.

Shrine Of Oryx has a tonne of enemies in that mission, there are plenty of Dregs and Thrall to 1-headshot-kill with your Machine Gun.

The Dark Beyond has a decent amount of enemies to kill but what makes this a great mission to complete this Bounty in is the final part. At the end of this fairly short mission, after you inspect the dead guardian, the doors open to the Hive Temple and a tonne of enemies come pouring out, make sure you keep the Heavy ammo for then.

You should probably purchase Heavy Ammo Synthesis from the tower too, before going out to gather 500 kills with your heavy weapon.

Step 3: Optional

So if you are still on the stage of needing to kill 500 enemies with a Machine gun, it is a good thing to know that you don’t have to run out onto the moon or wherever is best in order to complete this Exotic Bounty.

This is one of the easiest Exotic Bounties there are, it can be completed by just playing the game as you normally would. Doing dailies, weeklies, strikes, raids, playing with friends. If you don’t like an obvious grind, take the optional route of not making this an obvious grind.

Things to Remember:
  • You can only complete the first step of the Super Good Advice bounty on Mars
  • Grab Pristine Golden Age Ammunition off Xur on the weekend, if you forget you can’t complete the bounty for another week
  • Titles and names in this bounty can vary but the steps are still the same
  • Purchase heavy ammo before heading out to complete the 500 kills
  • There are probably better missions and areas to obtain 500 kills faster, the Moon is just my suggestion
  • Headshots and sprees grant 3 points instead of 1
  • It doesn’t have to be an obvious grind

Do you have any tips of your own that would be a good addition to this guide? Let me know below and I’ll add them in.

If you found this guide helpful and have a friends that play Destiny, share this around, it might help someone like it helped you!

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