A Guide to Range Safespots in F2P OldSchool Runescape

This is a guide on finding and using the safest spots in free to play Runescape 2007. Level up your range skill without being hurt (much). The order of the images goes from the lowest level enemies to the highest, all with effective safespot locations for F2Pers to train range.

Minotaurs & Wovles, Level 11
ranged minotaur runescape oldschool free to play f2p guide safe spots to range

Minotaurs drop Iron and Bronze arrows!

Minotaurs can be found in the Stronghold of Security, the area beneath the Barbarian Village. Use the hole in the centre of the village to find this area. Head through the first set of doors then the doors to the east.

The safespot to range at is behind either side of the fence. These mobs won’t automatically attack you so its a fairly simple and effective spot to train your initial ranged levels without being damaged.

Barbarians, Level 17

ranged barbs runescape oldschool free to play f2p guide safe spots to range

The level 17 barbarians inside the hall at the village are really easy to train on without being hurt. Hiding behind the tables and ranging the barbarians is as easy as it gets.

As an added bonus there is some cooked meat that spawns on a table so it a lot harder to run out of food in this location.

Flesh Crawlers, Level 35

ranged flsh runescape oldschool free to play f2p guide safe spots to range

These flesh crawlers can be found on the second floor of the Security Stronghold beneath barbarian village. This specific spot is located in the south eastern corner of that floor.

The safe spot to range from is exactly where my character above is standing, the crawlers will attempt to attack but can never reach into the corner.

Bonus tip: If you have enough food/armour and want to AFK train, turn auto-retaliate on and let them attack you. When their aggressiveness stop, you could hop to another room.

 Moss Giants, Level 42

ranged moss runescape oldschool free to play f2p guide safe spots to range

I found that the best place to safely train on Moss Giants are on Crandor island. You will need to have completed the Dragon Slayer quest to get here easily. The safe spot to train range here is within the coal and adamant ores.

You could train on the Moss Giants inside Varrock sewers, sadly that place is populated more often than not on Oldschool free to play Runescape. Not so much on Crandor.

When coming to this safespot location, be careful as you will need to run past lesser demons, skeletons and spiders. There are also level 25 skeletons behind the spot above.

Lesser Demons, Level 82

ranged demon runescape oldschool free to play f2p guide safe spots to range

There is a safe spot for Lesser Demons at the northern edge of their location on Crandor. When training on Lesser Demons, the safe spot is behind some rocks and a skull.

Lesser Demons are also located underneath Karamja but much like the Moss Giants above, Crandor island is less populated than other training locations.

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