A Guide to the Exotic Weapon Bounty for Pocket Infinity

Congratulations on obtaining the Exotic bounty for the fusion rifle Pocket Infinity! This bounty can only be obtained by handing in Vanguard bounties.

This exotic bounty is 8 parts, some short and some not so short. You will need to defeat a Gate Lord,  dismantle rare fusion rifles and kill enemies with a fusion rifle in the weekly nightfall strike. Basically, its a real pain in the ass.

Step 1: Track Down Fireteam Tuyet’s Last Stand

The first part of this 8-part Exotic Weapon Bounty is the Shattered Memory Fragment. This part of the bounty requires you to find a ‘damaged Ghost’ somewhere on Venus.

Finding Tuyet’s last stand is very simple, however trying to give directions using text isn’t the most efficient way to help you. Below is a short video on how to find the location of Tuyet’s last stand and the damaged ghost.

Step 2: Defeat a Vex Gate Lord

Immediately after you find the damaged Ghost you are tasked with defeating a Gate Lord in a heroic story mission. This is still the easier side of the bounty. The lowest level you can do the mission required on the heroic modifier is 17.

The mission you need to complete for his Exotic bounty is ‘Eye of a Gate Lord’ found on Venus. Remember to set the heroic modifier!

After defeating the Gate Lord and taking its mind fluid for the damage ghost you picked up earlier, it’s time to do some NPC talking in the tower.

The 3rd and 4th parts of this Exotic Weapon Bounty ask you to bring the Ghost to the Speaker and then the Gunsmith to acquire the next step in the bounty, Depleted Exotic Weapon Core.

 Step 3: Finding 10 Rare Fusion Rifles

The Depleted Exotic Weapon Core part of the bounty requires you to dismantle 10 fusion rifles that are rare or above in order to power the  Pocket Infinity’s core.

There is no fastest way to farm or find Fusion rifles that are rare or above. Your best bet in completing this section of the Pocket Infinity exotic bounty would be to check the Gunsmith whenever possible while playing Destiny as you normally would.

Pocket Infinity exotic bounty guide quest 200 kills nightfall fusion rifles 10 gunsmith

After scouring the internet trying to find out as much information about the Gunsmith selling Fusion rifles, I found a great service. IsTheGunsmithSellingRareFusionRifles.com is a website you can go to, allowing you to get an update via Email, Twitter or on their front page telling you when the Gunsmith is selling rare Fusion rifles.

Apparently the Gunsmith only sells Fusion rifles that are rare every few times for a short time only. Using the website recommended above is, well, recommended if you don’t want to be checking personally every hour or so.

Step 4: Killing Enemies in Weekly Nightfall Strikes

The final tough part of this Exotic Bounty (depending on your level) is to defeat 200 enemies using a Fusion Rifle in Weekly Nightfall Strikes.

I guess there isn’t a lot of need to write a guide on how to kill enemies in a weekly nightfall with a fusion rifle, however I do have some reminders and tips:

  • Purchase Special Weapon Ammo from the Tower
  • Use your Fusion Rifle to kill weaker enemies (Thralls, Dreggs etc)
  • Beware that Nightfalls are now Level 30
  • Use the DestinyLFG website to find a group if you are a loner

Step 5: Enjoy Never Ending Pockets

Pocket Infinity exotic bounty guide quest 200 kills nightfall fusion rifles 10 core tutorialAfter gathering up 200 kills in the weekly nightfall strike, head back to the Gunsmith located on the tower and finally grab that reward you have been killing and grinding for!

You can find stats and discussions relating to the exotic fusion rifle, Pocket Infinity here.

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