A Guide to Toland’s Journal, How to Complete 25 Strikes Quickly on Destiny

After doing the weekly nightfall or heroic Strike, you need to complete another 25 strikes in order to complete the Toland’s Jounral part of the Bad Juju exotic weapon bounty. Its a pain in the ass and I’m writing this guide to make it a little easier for Destiny players.

The fastest way to track down fragments of Toland’s Journal in Strikes is probably the way you already thought of, the level 8 Earth Strike.

Completing The Devils Lair at level 8 with you and 2 other players is one of, if not the fastest way to complete Toland’s Journal.  It takes (me) anywhere between 10-20 minutes to complete the strike meaning it can take up to 4-8 hours to complete this bounty. The time it takes to complete the level 8 strike will depend on your fire team’s levels and how well they know the strike.

Firing through The Devils Layer as fast as possible will result in completing the bounty faster (obvious).  Here are some tips on how to make your 25 strike grind a little faster:

  • Equip strongest gear
  • Equip a sub-class that hurts most
  • Have a fast Sparrow
  • Run past enemies you don’t need to kill
  • Find players looking to speed-run
  • Google ‘The Devils Layer speed run’ and learn the fast run

You don’t have to put yourself through Hell (The Devils Layer pun) over and over again for hours on end just to complete this guide. Destiny is game, have fun with it! Not many people have the patience to do the same Strike for 4+ hours, regardless of how easy it is.

Mix it up! While I was completing the 25 strikes, I didn’t rush it, I took my time while enjoying the game. If you need to complete the Weekly or Nightfall strikes, use DestinyLFG to find a willing Fireteam and get some decent rewards. Try cycling through all of the strikes on each planet to keep things sort of fresh. Even doing strikes in the Vanguard playlists is a great way to complete 25 strikes to get further into the Bad Juju exotic weapon bounty while gaining Vanguard Marks, Reputation and Commendations.

That is my guide on how to complete 25 Strikes quickly for Toland’s Journal, a part of the overall Bad Juju exotic weapon bounty. If it helped you in any way, don’t hesitate to share it with your fellow Destiny players.

The next part of this bounty requires you to get 10000 points by killing other players in the Crucible. See more details and the guide here.

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