A Newbie PVPer’s Guide to Complete Darkness-Infused Pulse Rifle in The Crucible

This is a guide for players that aren’t really good at Destiny’s Crucible but they still need to complete the exotic weapon bounty Toland’s Legacy. This guide will focus on the PvP part of the bounty, the Darkness-Infused Pulse Rifle. This requires Guardians to gather up 10000 points in the crucible.

If you are not yet on this part of the guide and you are looking for a guide on completing the 25 strikes for Toland’s Journal, click here.

The first thing that you need to know when going into the unfamiliar Crucible with this bounty is that you don’t need 10,000 kills. A kill or assist will provide you with 25 points. If you kill or get an assist on a Warlock you will receive 75 points. So the bounty isn’t all that bad, unless you really suck at PvP.

Here are my tips on how to get those kills and assists a little easier and perhaps faster, hopefully providing you with a better Crucible experience.

Tip 1: Stick with Team Mates! 

Friendship = Death for Enemies

Friendship = Death for Enemies

If you are reading this guide, you probably aren’t good at Crucible, meaning you probably not finish off kills as much as you would like. Its no problem!

Following the majority of your team around the game is a great idea for any player. The power of two guns is greater than one (obviously) so if you are always sticking by your teams side, you should find that you are outnumbering your enemies more often and you are sharing the kills/assists with them.

When trying to complete this guide, you not getting the kills but instead assists is really no problem at all.

Tip 2: Find your Play Style

crucible destiny pvp guide tolands legacy 10000 kills assists darkness infused pulse rifle playstyle

Play the way you want to play!

Everyone has their own way they play the game, whether its sprinting around with a shotgun, using the sniper at high points or going toe-to-toe with auto rifles, fusion rifles and such.

Which type of player are you? Find out the way you enjoy playing Destiny’s Crucible the most and gear up your Guardian appropriately.

Pro Tip: If you are not very accurate in the Crucible, using a sniper or scout rifle probably isn’t the best idea. Slap an Auto Rifle, Shotgun and Machine Gun on your Guardian! These weapons don’t require a great amount accuracy to hit or even kill your enemies with. Remember, assists give the same amount of points towards the Darkness-Infused Pulse Rifle bounty.

Tip 3: Play Control

crucible destiny pvp guide tolands legacy 10000 kills assists darkness infused pulse rifle control

Objective + Kills Gametype

Playing Destiny’s Control game type is a great way to rack up the kills and assists needed to complete the Darkness Infused Pulse Rifle bounty.

What makes this partly objective game type great for gaining more kills and assists is the fact that it is a partly objective game type. Players tend to go for the the objective points A, B and C meaning you (the player not great at PvP) can always find the fire fights.

Throwing grenades along side spray and pray inside around the objective areas in Control should result in some assists and kills. Just try to aim at the enemies.

Tip 4: Combine Tips 1,2 &3

After reading through some of the helpful tips provided, combining them all while playing Destiny is a great way to increase your amount of assists and kills in order to complete Tolands Legacy, the Darkness Infused Pulse Rifle exotic bounty.

Playing Control within the Crucible with weapons you can fire at enemies while sticking with your team mates will result in an increased amount of kills and assists, especially if you aren’t a great Crucible player. Remember, this is a guide for newbie Destiny PvPers that aren’t great with first person shooting.

Do you have any tips of your own that would be a good addition to this guide? Let me know below and I’ll add them in.

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