A Step by Step Beginners Guide to Masteries in League of Legends 2015

The League of Legends guide below is meant for newer players that are interested in learning what masteries are, how they work and which masteries should be selected. If you are looking for an advanced masteries LoL guide, you have taken a wrong turn. 

If you are an extremely new League of Legends play and you really don’t know about anything at all, click here for a basic LoL guide for beginners.

1. What are Masteries?

First things first, what are Masteries? Each time you level up in League of Legends, you gain a ‘mastery point’ that you are able to spend in the Masteries tab within your profile. Masteries are similar to Runes in the way that they provide small passive buffs that work under the hood during your League of Legends game, giving you bonus damage, health and such.

Runes? What the -****- are Runes? Click here for a Beginners guide to Runes in League of Legends.

The masteries you can select are split into three different trees, Offense (Red), Defense (Blue) and Utility (Green). Offensive masteries will provide you with extra attack damage and/or ability power. Defensive masteries can provide you with health, armour and magic resistance and finally Utility masteries provide you with a lot of different helpful buffs that aren’t basic attack or defence.

2. Which Masteries to Take?
league of legends lol guide masteries basic mastery beginners guide

So many options…

Its possible to have up to 20 different mastery pages. Each page can (and probably should) be set up in different ways so you have a selection of masteries that suit the role you have decided to play in a game.

An example of this would be having a League of Legends mastery page set up with most of the points being spent in the Defense tree. This mastery page should then be picked before a game starts if you have decided to play a tanky champion. Setting up multiple pages for different roles and lanes is a great idea.

Remember that you gain mastery points each time you level up, and the amount of points you have do not spread across all of your pages. If you had 5 mastery points in total, you can select 5 different masteries on all of your mastery pages.

I’ll give some examples of different mastery page set ups for different lanes and roles.

Attack Damage Carry (ADC) – Bottom Lane
The ADC focuses on attack damage and is often the player in the game that racks up all the kills due to the high output of damage. If you are going to play an ADC, you will want to have a mastery page where you spend most of your points on the offense page.

league of legends lol guide masteries adc basic mastery beginners guide

21 Points in Offense, 9 in Defense

The image above is an effective universal Attack Damage Carry mastery page set up. All 30 of the total points are spent. Most of the masteries that provide a buff to attack damage and speed have been selected while ignoring the ones that provide ability power. As you level up you should focus on spending your few points on the red page before the blue.

Support – Bottom Lane
A Support’s job is usually to assist your ADC gather kills and to crowd control the enemy team with slows, stuns, snares and such. Utility is the better tree to follow as support due to the buffs that allow for better control of what happens.

league of legends lol guide masteries support basic mastery beginners guide

9 Defense, 21 Utility

This mastery page set up allows you to be a better support character. You have incoming gold every couple of seconds, you have great cool-down reduction meaning your CC skills can be used more often, you have defence and more. This is an effective page set-up for supports.

Even More
There are a lot of different combinations that you can explore for different roles, way too many for me to post them all here. You can check out which runes give what buffs and see which best suits the characters and roles you play. Here is a link to a video that shows different basic page setups for different roles (Ability Power, Tank etc) for the current preseason 5 in 2015 for League of Legends.

Remember that you can experiment with the mastery pages yourself. Finding a mastery page that suits your play style without keeping the recommended basic page setups isn’t a bad idea. You can create 20 different pages, mix it up a little and see what works best for you.

3. Now you know

Hopefully my beginners League of Legends guide to masteries has helped you understand what they are a little more.

I have created a number of different guides for new LoL players that you should explore if this helped you. Visit the Game Guides > League of Legends page to find more help and if you have friends that are new to this awesome game like yourself, why not share this with them!

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