Achievement Diary Guide to the Easy Varrock Tasks in Oldschool Runescape

Completing the Easy Varrock tasks is something worth doing due to the fantastic rewards. To start off on your achievement adventure, speak to Toby in the Varrock town centre, there is a green icon on the map.

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Before we get started on the run through of each Varrock task, make sure you have all the recommended/necessary requirements. There requirements include items, quests and skills. You can see all of the requirements below.

Item Requirements:

There aren’t many items you will be needing to complete this easy Varrock task. The few items that are required are the following:

  • Any pickaxe
  • Any axe
  • 150+ coins
  • A set of bones
  • Soft clay (you may want to bring an extra or two)
  • An Earth talisman/tiara
  • 1 rune/pure essence
  • A fly fishing rod and some feathers
Skill Requirements:

Much like the items, the skills you need to complete the easy Varrock achievement diary aren’t difficult to obtain:

  • 15 Mining
  • 13 Agility
  • 8 Crafting
  • 9 Runecrafting
  • 20 Fishing
  • 5 Thieving
Quest Requirements:

There are a couple of quests that you need to have completed before you can complete the easy Varrock tasks. Below is the list of quests, you can click on each quest to be taken to a guide.

Varrock Tasks – Easy (Achievement Diary Guide)

It is recommended that you make sure you have all of the requirements listed above and that you have all the items you need ready in your inventory before you get started. The achievement diary guide for Varrock below will walk you through the easy tasks and which order to do them in.

  1. Starting at Toby in the Varrock square, buy a news paper then browse Thessalia’s clothes shop. You don’t need to buy anything, just look at what she’s got.
  2. Follow the path south, out of Varrock and until the path turns east, there you will find the fence you need to jump over.
  3. Now go mine some Iron in the mining pit, north east from the fence.
  4. From the mining spot, head all the way north, past the east entrance to Varrock until you find the Earth alter, jump in and make your Earth rune. Its north east from the Varrock east gate.
  5. Just north of the Earth alter is the Lumberyard, Jump into the yard and chop down a dead tree. Climb back out and turn that log into a plank by speaking to the Sawmill operator.
  6. Enter Varrock through the eastern gate and head north to Aubury’s rune shop. On the way there, you will pass the tea stall, steal from it. You should also find a Stray dog to ‘use’ a bone on. Ask Aubury to teleport you then find the portal out of the Essence Mine.
  7. Head south to the Museum and gather up 50 Kudos and then speak to Haig Halen. The OSRS Wiki can help you with obtaining Kudos.
  8. Run over to the Barbarian village located west of Varrock, climb down the hole in the middle of the town and find your way to the second level of the stronghold.
  9. Climb back out and use the pottery wheel and oven to create a Bowl from your soft clay. Now go catch a trout at the fishing spot by the bridge to the east. COMPLETE!
  10. Return to Toby in Varrock square to receive your Easy Varrock Achievement Diary reward!

The rewards  for completing the Easy tasks in Varrock are the following: A 2,500xp Lamp, the Varrock Armour set 1, access to the Edgeville furnace  and  the ability to purchase Battlestaves from Zaff. While wearing the first Varrock armour set, you get a 10% chance of mining two ores at once up to coal and 10% of smelting 2 bars at once up to steel at the Edgeville Furnace.

If you happen to notice anything that needs added or change within this Varrock Achievement diary guide, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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