Big Mo Location on Day 10 (May 10th) – Oldschool Runescape

Get the Location for May 22nd/Day 22 HERE.

In Oldschool Runescape this May, an NPC named Big Mo is travelling around and selling players clue scrolls. Every 24 hours he changes location and thousands of OSRS players are looking to find him. We’ve got Mo’s location for May 10th and we are willing to share!

On May the 9th, day 9 of Big Mo’s adventures through the 2007scape world, he can be found outside the gate to the Legends Guild. The exact location can be seen on the world map below.

big mo day 10 may 10th location guide osrs 2007scape oldschool runescape map

There isn’t a very big chance that Mo will give you the clue scroll that you asked for. Lets hope we all get the clue we asked for an a reward worth more than the 50gp it costs.

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