Reliable F2P Money Making Methods in Old School Runescape

Being a Free to Play player in Old School Runescape can be tough, especially when trying to figure out a way to make money. F2P money making methods are so crowded by players trying to buy bonds and gold farming bots, this makes it difficult to find a reliable method to make GP in OSRS. However, there is always a way for Free to Players to make money in Oldschool and I’ve decided to take my long list of reliable money making methods and share them with you below.

Making money involves buying and selling items to other plays which is heavily limited to brand new F2P accounts. All new F2P accounts have a trading limit for 18+ hours or until the account has 7 quest points, click here to see my fastest method to remove the trading limit so you can start making money faster.

F2P Money Making Method #1 – Mining

Many free to players underestimate the power of the skills they have available to them. Mining is a skill that is 100% profit and becomes a better money making method the higher your mining level is. The real money starts to be made when mining after level 41 so if you are already at or above this level, skip to the 41+ Mining section.

F2P Mining Level 1-15 (Copper/Tin Ore)

Even at mining level 1, this skill can be used to get you kick started into playing the game and having some gp to spend. With level one mining players can start to mine copper and tin ores, the two places you can do this is south-east of Varrock or at the Lumbridge swamp mining camp. When you have a full inventory of copper and/or tin ore, you can use the bank in varrock to the north or the bank at the top of Lumbridge castle, depending on which mining location you choose. Copper and Tin ore sell for roughly the same price, however sometimes one of the ores go up in price and are more profitable so i would recommend collecting a full inventory of copper, bank it then collect an inventory of tin ore and go back and forth to keep it 50/50 just in case one of the ores decides to climb in price.

Doing this until level 15 mining takes a very short time and will grant you anywhere between 3,000 – 6,000 gold, enough to buy better pickaxes (Steel/Mithril). Now you can mine Iron ore, however in F2P it is almost guaranteed that all the locations will be quite busy. I’d personally recommend to get at least level 21 mining or even 31 mining on the copper and tin ores, at those levels you can use the Mithril pickaxe then the Adamant pickaxe, making your chances of getting iron ore – when you finally decided to start mining it – a lot higher.

F2P Mining Level 15-41 (Iron Ore)

At level 15 mining you can begin to collect Iron ore which can sell for 4x more than the copper and tin ores. However, because mining Iron is a decent money maker and has a low requirement, all the spots can be busy. From mining levels 15-41, you will mine approximately 1100 iron ore which can sell for a total of around 165,000 gold (165k). I can’t give an accurate Gold per hour due to it depending on a lot of things: mining level/pickaxe used/crowed mining spots.

If you decide to start mining iron as i recommended at levels 21 or 31 you will collect 1,000 or 750 Iron ore before  hitting level 41 which can sell for a total of 150,000 gp (150k) or 112,000 gp (112k). It may be less gold than starting from level 15, however you will mine it faster and have a higher chance of beating the competition.

F2P Mining Level 41+ (Gold Ore/Iron Ore)

At this level you are able to wield a Rune pickaxe, the best pickaxe in F2P. If you mined up to this level following my guide, you should have enough gold to purchase a Rune pickaxe from the grand exchange.

Now there are two paths you can take at this level to start making some good money per hour on F2p. You can either: continue to mine iron OR mine gold ore.

Continuing To Mine Iron:

Mining iron with a rune pickaxe is the fastest mining XP in free to play and if you decide to keep banking the iron ore to sell later on, you can begin to make anywhere between 80K-125K gp per hour (obviously increases as your mining level does). Any method that grants over 100K gp per hour in free to play if a good money maker in my opinion. Continuing to mine iron and banking it provides a good mixture of XP and GP.

Mining Gold Ore:

Mining gold ore is one of the best money makers in free to play because the selling price of gold ore can be anywhere between 500gp – 650gp. Efficient gold mining can be up to 190K gp per hour with the right conditions (high mining level & an empty spot).

The only gold ore spot in Free to Play is in the Crafting Guild. Access to to the guild requires 40 crafting and the player wearing a brown apron. If you don’t have 40 crafting, here is a F2p crafting guide. Making sapphire rings is a decent money maker and can be done from 20-40 crafting for profit.

There are 7 gold ore deposits and a bank found inside the crafting guild so there is no need to worry about travelling back and forth.

Mining gold ore is definitely the one of the better money making methods in Free to Play so getting 41 mining and 40 crafting to have access is worth it, even if the process to get into the guild is slower and not as profitable.

F2P Mining 85+ (Runite Ore)

At level 85 mining players are able to mine the most valuable ore – Runite ore. Runite ore sells for an insane price of 10-12K gp per ore, meaning a full inventory could be worth around 300K gp. However, because the runite ores can only be found in the wilderness and they are very, VERY few and far between, there may not be much point in trying to mine them.

Runite ores take a very long time to respawn meaning players hop through every world in a race trying to mine as much as possible. If you are 85+ mining, having a try at mining runite ores may be worth it and can be incredibly profitable. If you find it to be unsuccessful, mining gold in the crafting guild with 85+ mining still a very good F2P money maker.

F2P Money Making Method #2 – Cow Hides

Collecting, tanning then selling cow hides/leather has been a great low level, no requirement money maker in RuneScape since the dawn of its existence. A fresh level 3 account can run straight towards the cow pens and start collecting the hides other people leave on the floor and instantly begin to make money. This actually happens, however, most of the ‘people’ you see doing it are actually gold farming bots.

As a player you do not need any requirements to being picking up cow hides and can make roughly around 50,000 (50K) gp per hour. It may seem low compared to other methods, however it is good for a fresh new account to get some startup cash. (A new account can have 100K gp after only 2 hours of it creation).

For better Gp/hour, players should tan the cow hides, turning them into leather or hard leather in Al Kharid before selling them. It costs 1 gp to turn a hide into leather, 3gp to turn a hide into hard leather and 10gp to use the gate between Al Kharid and Lumbridge.

The process of collecting cow hides for money should go as follows:

Have coins in inventory > collect 27 cow hides > go through gate > use the tanner (directly south of the gate) to turn all hides into Leather > deposit leather in Al Kharid bank > collect 27 cow hides > rinse and repeat.

Leather and Hard Leather sells for anywhere between 25 – 50gp more than the cow hides and are tanned almost instantly, so turning the hides into leather does increase the Gp/hour when compared to just collecting the hides and banking them.

This is only a good money making method for very low levelled F2P players that don’t have access to any better money making method and want some startup cash.

F2P Money Making Method #3 – Combat

Fighting enemies/monsters seems pretty obvious but it is very underrated in terms of making money in F2P. Killing enemies like the Dark Wizards, Hill Giants and Moss Giants are a good way to both level your account while picking up the loot to sell for gp.

Quick tip: if you need food, pick up all the trout/salmon dropped in the barbarian village fishing spots and cook it (if you can’t cook it you should get the levels to do so).

Money Making w/ Combat: Hill Giants

Hill Giants have low defence and high hitpoints so they are good combat XP, they drop big bones which grant the best F2P prayer xp and luckily for any f2per out there that is looking to level their account and make some money while doing so, Hill Giants can also be a decent money making method.

Hill Giants are level 28 so these are a viable monster to kill if you are 30+ combat level with adamant armour OR you can safespot them using range/magic at any level.

Hill giants drop big bones every time, which is a guaranteed 350gp per kill, they also drop iron and steel equipment you can sell, along side law runes, nature runes and limpwurt roots, all of which are valuable in the grand exchange. Each hill giant drop will be worth anywhere between 350 – 2,000 gp if you bank then sell the bones instead of burying them (which is recommended if you don’t really care about prayer and just want the $$$).

Money Making w/ Combat: Dark Wizards

Dark wizards are found in the stone circle to the south of Varrock and are level 7 and level 20. Although the level 20 dark wizards deal more damage and have more hitpoints, they share the same drop table with the level 7 wizards so focus on killing the lower levelled ones if you decide to use this method.

Dark wizards commonly drop runes, including chaos runes (100gp each), law runes (200gp each) and nature runes (250gp each). There is also an uncommon chance they drop their dark robes and wizard hats, the robes are worth around 2,000 coins in the grand exchange and the wizard hat being around 200gp.

The gold made per hour killing dark wizards can’t be calculated accurately because of the range of vairables like your combat level/gear, how crowded it is and RNG luck but if you are looking to make money and level your F2P account at the same time, killing these wizards can be pretty rewarding.

Make sure you wear leather/dragonhide armour while fighting the wizards as they use magic attacks which frequently hits high on plate armour but the leather/dragon range armour provides a high magic resistance.

Money Making w/ Combat: Hob-Goblins

See more details about killing hob goblins to make money down below in the “honourable mentions” section.


F2P Money Making Method #4 – Smithing Steel Bars

Smithing steel bars from coal and iron ore has always been a reliable F2P money maker that has a low requirement and takes a small amount of effort to pull off.

Smelting steel bars requires level 30 smithing and the fastest way to get that in F2P is by completing the quest The Knights Sword (guide here). Completing that f2p quest will take you to 29 smithing, meaning you only need to grind out a single smithing level before having access to this money maker. The best way to get the final smithing level would be to mine silver ore in the Al-Kharid mine and smelting it in the furnace by the bank to the south.

Smelting steel bars was the money making method I used when first playing Old School Runescape and it got me my very fist oldschool bond, which leads to membership and the money making methods available there (which are a lot better than F2P).

To melt a steel bar you need 2 coal and 1 iron ore, so each inventory should contain 9 iron ore and 18 coal. The fastest way to get in and out of the bank is to set the ‘x’ withdraw option to 9 by taking out 9 iron ore then selecting to withdraw “all” on coal, you will have 1 spare coal in your inventory but it makes the process a lot faster.

To make money doing this method, you don’t need to manually mine all the coal and iron to make a profit, you can buy coal and iron out of the grand exchange at a 2:1 ratio and smelt it then sell the bars back to the grand exchange to make a profit. Buy as much coal and iron as you can and use the bank & furnace in Al-Kharid for smelting the ores into the bars. This money making method when buying the raw materials then selling the steel bars averages out at around 45k gp per hour.

Honourable Mentions

Fishing Lobsters & Swordfish

Fishing lobbies and swordies in F2P has been a go to for the longest time for F2P Skillers. Sadly at this point in Old School Runescape’s life, lobsters are worth less than 200gp each (at the time of this writing) due to the mass amount of botting done. It can still be a viable money maker, however it is no where near as good as it used to be.

I have a seperate written guide on fishing lobsters in F2P for money HERE.

Telegrabbing Nature Runes

In the F2P deep wilderness, around wildy level 42, there is an island that spawns two stacks of nature runes. It is popular for free players to take law and air runes to this location to telekinetic grab the piles of nature runes, making around 500gp profit per cast. Although a very cool idea, sadly it is a popular place for PKers (player killers) to camp and they will not hesitate to kill you and take all of the runes you gathered.

Killing Hob-goblins

Hobgoblins were a favourite of mine to kill back in the real 2007 runescape days because their limpwurt root drops are frequent and selling those was a very viable money maker, sadly due to some content updates to Old School Runescape, limpwurt roots are dropped more commonly by different monsters in Members meaning their market price has gone down.

Killing hob goblins is still viable and recommended if you are looking to level up your combat stats as well as make some cash, however they are in the honourable section area because this method has been affected by other game updates. Hob-goblins are located on a small island off the shore by the crafting guild.

That wraps up this guide to making money in F2P Old School Runescape. If you would like to suggest any other F2P money makers or provide some feedback on this long money making guide, feel free to do so below.

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