BLOG: A stab at the Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens plot.

So, i wrote a fairly crappy article about this RT vs Zombiens game on Gamer UK, but i’m still asking myself the question after the new released images on their twitter: What the **** is Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens?

I’m not totally clueless, i can safely assume that it will involve popular RT staff fending off zombified aliens (Zombiens). Judging by all the images released, the game (or at least some of it) takes place inside the Rooster Teeth studio.

Plot line? A complete guess would be that Aliens found access to our internet, realised that Rooster Teeth is dominant and that if they want to conquer the world, they will need to get rid of the company. Unfortunately for those aliens, Ebola is all over the placeĀ (too soon?) and it turns aliens into some Zombie like creatures.


Gavin asks Gus a hypothetical question, resulting in Gus having nightmares of the question. The question would involve Zombie Aliens attacking Rooster Teeth.


The staff are filming a ‘Lets Play’ in a Team Chaos game and through the wizardry of Chris’s double microwave mechanism it all becomes real.

Yes, these are ridiculous guesses at the setting of RT vs Zombiens. If i do turn out to be right, someone owes me money.

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