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So, the reason i have not been updating this blog (and disappointing the hundreds of thousands of readers) is because of the recent update that just hit Lord of the Rings Online. For the frequent visitors of this blog, you probably know that i post up my own Lotro guides meaning i do play the game, quite a lot actually.

What do i think of the Beorning class? Fucking awesome and very fun. Its been a long time since I’ve had this much fun in LOTRO and i am loving it. What isn’t fun about turning into a massive bear and wrecking ass!

Bear form man form beorning

Click to see a larger version. Bear | Man forms.

In my experience of playing Beorning, it feels really powerful (because it is). My attacks in both forms do incredible damage and when using some skills, the screen shakes as if my great axe or claws caused an earth quake.

I’ve also created a Beorning only kinship named ‘Another Bear in the Wall’ for the laughs. If anyone gets the reference, let me know and *high five!*
The server i’m currently playing on is Brandywine, if you are interested in joining the kinship, let me know via the ‘Follow Me’ buttons on the left hand side of the website.

I really do want to record some gameplay footage and post it on youtube, sadly i live in a very noisey home and the quality would be crap. 🙁

Until next time,
game hard or go home!

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