BLOG: Playing Awesomenauts (the 2D MOBA) is… awesome.

So, i’m in the middle of taking a break from League of Legends because sometimes it can be very frustrating and i don’t want to play video games that I’m annoyed with.

I’ve found a fun alternative. When i say i found, i mean i found it last year and only starting getting into it again. Awesomenauts is a very fun MOBA. When i’m playing it, I’m not worried about dying once and getting mentally abused by my teammates and when games are lost, i very rarely see people blaming each other, it is all just ‘GG’ and on you go to the next game.

Maybe it isn’t a game for you if you are very competitive and want to ‘climb’ the ladder, there isn’t really much of a ladder in Awesomenauts, there is only a number that goes up and down if you win or lose, similar to Halo 3’s Highest Skill ranking system.

If you are getting tired of DOTA and LoL’s communities and you just want to knock down turrets without getting stressed and worried, Awesomenauts is probably the place to do it.  Its a nice change of pace.

I’ve been playing it a lot for a few days now, totally forgetting i have an Exotic Bounty waiting to be completed on Destiny.  I play Awesomenauts on PC via Steam, if you would like to play, search Dicerz up on steam and add me as a friend.

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