BLOG: Playing Call of Duty 4 without (many) hackers/modders/jerks is still fun

So I’ve been watching Achievement Hunter’s Call of Duty videos this week, they are playing a range of different Call of Duties in preparation for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare coming out, its a pretty cool idea.

After watching them play Call of Duty 4, I felt like going back and playing easily one of the best Call of Duty games ever created and one of my favourite games of all time. Unfortunately there is still people that are getting enjoyment from modifying almost every game there and ruining the real experience of Call of Duty 4. I found a sort of way to avoid those types of game lobbies.


The ‘hackers’ that are still ruining the game for others are usually only playing TDM and Search & Destroy. I managed to play a few very fun games of normal CoD4 by totally avoiding those game types. I had a few fun games of free-for-all and Mercenary TDM.

Sadly for all of us looking to recreate the fun times had on this great shooter, it will never be the same. Avoiding the two main game types is more likely to get you into a normal lobby but the peace rarely lasts long. There are people running around with one-shot-kill pistols and unlimited ammo on their noob-tubes ready to invade your normal game.

While watching the Call of Duty videos by Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunters, one of them mentioned doing this for other great games like Halo. Now that got me on another train of thought, I’d love to go back and play Halo 3 but unfortunately there is hardly ever people online and searching for games. One thing 343 Industries are doing is remastering all of the older games, meaning that the great Halo 2 and 3 multiplayer will be populated without hackers, unlike Cod 4.

I really hope that one day the main developer of Call of Duty will go back and remaster Call of Duty 4, get rid of all the annoying ‘hackers’ and update the graphics (although they are still looking pretty good considering the game is 7 years old).

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