BLOG: Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens lol WHAT?!

I just wrote up a fast article on Gamer UK about Rooster Teeth’s recently announced game developed by Team Chaos.

I wonder what ‘Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens’ is going to be, there is only two images of it available to us commoners but when looking at those images, it looks like it will be a top down shooter / hack and slash.

Hopefully the game won’t be exclusive to phones or tablets, i don’t have a tablet and my phone is shit.

I’m a big fan of Rooster Teeth and i like to watch most of their shows. It is scary how fast they are moving along, it doesn’t seem that long ago when there was only around 10 RT employees making the podcasts and RvB along with other content, now they have over 70 staff, they are making a movie and getting involved in video game development, its pretty fucking awesome.

And on the topic of awesome, Rooster Teeth also raised way over $200,000 for ExtraLife, a charity, during a 24 hour live stream. That is impressive.

Update on my Destiny Exotic Weapon Bounty THORN:
300/500 points in crucible…
I’m getting there slowly but surely, camping away the minutes, getting hate via Xbox messages because of it. :'(

Unit next time, game hard or go home!

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One thought on “BLOG: Rooster Teeth vs Zombiens lol WHAT?!

  • Dicerz Post author

    And now they have their own Rooster Teeth section in a Toy Store in Austin, they will soon take over Bungie in global domination.