BLOG: The blog is shaping up!

This blog is now on its second day of existence and I’ve started to shape it up. I’ve stuck with the default theme that was provided because it reminds me of the Xbox menus and dashboard.

There is now buttons to my social networks, currently only Twitter and Youtube. I’ve also placed an Ad on the right sidebar, below the recent posts. Yes, i know, I’m a sellout, don’t be hating!

There is a reason that this blog exists, and its sort of explained on the sidebar to the left, below the title. Its the truth, this is just a place for me to post things i want to post without any regulations.

Speaking of posting things, my very first post on this blog (aside from the default WordPress post ‘Hello World!’ ) is the first half of a guide to an Exotic bounty i have on Destiny. Its a pain in the ass, check it out here.


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