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Trying to Matchmake in Halo

343’s Master Chief Collection has been the last straw for me in pre-ordering new video games. I know its been stated all over gaming communities to stop pre-ordering games but I’ve usually just ignored it because I always want to jump on the games I’ll love as soon as possible, that frame of mind has now changed.

Halo is fantastic and I have been playing custom games and campaign during the down time on matchmaking but it is a real pain in ass.

Knowing that games are being released after developers and publishers have spent millions on their marketing beforehand but in return there is no functioning multiplayer, its horrible.

I say Halo MCC is the last straw because this has happened to me  too much over the last year.  Halo, Destiny, GTA 5 (360), Battlefield 4, AC Unity, these are all games that are heavily pre ordered but on day 1 it has a number of issues that shouldn’t be found in a game after alpha and beta tests.

AC Unity bug

This is Nightmare Fuel in AC Unity

For the last year, my excitement for game releases have always been shot down as soon as i put the disc in and finish the day 1 patch.

Millions upon millions of dollars are being spent on games that don’t get properly finished and are still released in time for a holiday or occasion. Its time i stop giving companies money before they finish their games. If they have already been given their money for the game that is still in development, is it any wonder why they are being launched when not ready.

Now, I know I’m late in saying all this as it has been said for years but it has finally struck me and I hope others are starting to feel the same way. Pre-ordering is a bad thing and gamers like myself need to resist the temptation of getting games ASAP and wait until its complete, only then will developers realise that ‘oh shit, they aren’t buying our game before its finished? I guess we should finish it.’

Destiny is now only releasing Voice chat? What the fuck!? Destiny is a multiplayer focused game and its only introducing voice chat with other players outside your party players now?

I sold my Battlefield 4 a long time ago, but my friends are telling me its only recently been cleared of all its major problems, I’m not certain on that but if someone could fill me in, that would be great.

Back to 343 and their MCC. People are going crazy on Twitter and on other websites, you can’t blame them for being mad. People pay full price for a game, they don’t get the full game. Its extremely annoying and its no wonder people have taken to social media to complain. If the majority of gamers, including myself quit pre-ordering video games, developers would eventually take notice that people aren’t purchasing their game until they see a full working version.

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