Friends = More IP in League of Legends

Rito are trying to encourage League of Legend players to gather up some friends and play games together.

Riot don’t want all their players to be Amumu (alone and friendless) and so are giving out IP rewards to players that finish games in a party of 2 and above.

Party of one N/A
Party of two 4x IP
Party of three 6x IP
Party of four 8x IP
Full team 16x IP

Here is the source.

This new system is only going to be around for another two weeks and it is another attempt to improve the community. According to riot, “We all know playing with friends makes for a more friendly League”.

I don’t know about you guys but when I’m in a Skype call with the asshole’s i play with, we are far from being positive and friendly.

You probably won’t be getting the extra IP bonuses after each game. Its a jackpot type thing, there is only a chance you will receive the big IP bonus and the more friends you have, bigger the prize can be.

If you have no friends and are a complete loner when playing League of Legend, you won’t be able to ‘Team up and earn Party Rewards!’

You are forever Amumu. 

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