GTA 5 Bank Heists are probably coming this December. Just in time or too late?

Some smart people over at se7ensins have explored the files in the upcoming GTA Online 1.04 content update. What was decrypted tells us that there will be a Christmas update including snow, clothing and the Cops n Crooks gametype along side some unnamed “DLC Content”.

You can view the original se7ensins forum post with the decryption here.

What is that unnamed DLC content? Grand Theft Auto 5 released in September last year with the promise of robbing banks with your friends, sadly the feature was either cut or wasn’t implemented initially and it has yet to make an appearance. This ‘DLC Content’ could very well be and probably is the long awaited heists that Rockstar said will be coming soon after the release of GTA 5 on new consoles.

Rockstar told players that heists would be included in the initial version of GTA, then they told players that we would see it in early 2014 and most recently Rockstar have told us that bank heists will be arriving soon after the current-gen game release. Heists could be coming very soon but if GTA 5’s history tells us anything, it’s to not get too worked up because its possible heists won’t actually arrive.

We don’t need to dwell on what Rockstar took from us before we had it, lets look at what they have given us! There has been a nice stream of updates and free DLC since GTA was launched on the last-gen consoles and it has kept thousands of people online each day. The content creator, free clothing, cars and equipment packs have kept the game’s online mode fun and populated. The recent release of GTA 5 on the Xbone and PS4 has helped extend Grand Theft Auto 5’s life too due to its additional features.

So the question remains for those that own GTA 5. Is it too late for heists to make an entrance or is it the perfect time? The re-release of GTA 5 on new consoles can make it a great time to bring out heists but with how long its been, not as many people are interested.

For me, it is certainly too late. I don’t want to fork out more money for the same game on a different console and my 360 is drowning in dust these days. Heists could release today or a year from now and it wouldn’t effect me unless they are something unimaginably amazing and makes me wipe down my 360 and plug it in.

If you are one of the many players still mowing down prostitutes, are you excited at the possibility of heists arriving sometime soon as Rockstar promised, possibly this month?

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