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Please remember that the views and opinions you see below are my own, they are not the opinion of every Halo player and gamer. I’m saying this here so I don’t need to repeat ‘In my Opinion’ or ‘I believe’ and such, over and over again. If you have a different opinion, please share it!

Before getting my hands on the Halo 5 beta, like many others, I was sceptical. The videos of gameplay I watched didn’t look like the Halo I loved to play, there was aiming on all guns, parkouring, boosts and all around faster paced action. I really wasn’t excited for it, until I played it.

I’ve been loving and playing Halo since Halo 3 and I’ve enjoyed each game, some more than others. As a confident and avid Halo player, I can safely say this faster paced FPS still feels like an awesome Halo game.

Although people can hop over ledges, boost and sprint, map and weapon control is still the most important aspect when it comes to winning games. Locking down certain areas of the map and working with your party is still necessary, even if you can go from either side of the map in a matter of seconds.

The aiming seen in the game play videos isn’t a problem. It has been said all over the place, firing from the hip (not aiming) like in traditional Halo games for most weapons is still a way you can use the weapons. It may be off-putting, knowing you can aim an assault rifle but it really isn’t bad, I think its an improvement. Being able to kill someone with the AR with a little bit more accuracy isn’t bad and it allows for kills at medium-short range.

So, the Halo 5 Beta is a lot of fun and it runs pretty well but Its a Beta for a reason, it has some issues but judging from what I’ve played for about a week now, Its going to be a great game overall.

The Halo 5 Beta is more stable than Halo: MCC ever was in its first and second month. Finding games is relatively fast. The current matchmaking works great, I’m finding games within minutes, solo or in a party of 4. The matchmaking seems to be OK when placing you with enemy players of an even skill level but it could certainly do with improvements. I’m tired of playing with Semi-Pros!

There are unfortunate but expected issues within the Multiplayer Beta, expected because it is a Beta. Occasionally myself and the party I’m playing with are getting trapped in the searching for players lobby every 3-5 game searches. Pressing ‘B’ doesn’t give the option of backing out and we won’t find the game. It happens occasionally but it isn’t game-breaking, a quick dashboard and quit does the trick.

One major thing I’m worried about when it comes to the full retail release later this year is how this fast paced, running and jumping action that is focused on E-sporty competitive play will fit in with the casual players and the more casual Big Team Battle game types.

I’m a gamer that likes to get drunk a lot but I’m also a gamer that loves to play competitively and climb ranks to show off how awesome I am and how much free time I have. Mixing both of my beloved habits isn’t a great combination, and usually leads to frustration. I’d love to see a less competitive playlist much like Halo 3’s Social playlist so I’m able to play without the fear of dropping rank.

Overall, any long-term Halo multiplayer gamer will most likely enjoy the Halo 5 beta if they have not already downloaded and tried it themselves. The Halo Beta runs smooth without much problems. The competitive play reminds me of climbing for my 40 Highest Skill in Halo 3 and the Multiplayer seems to be an improvement on what I enjoyed for a time on Halo 4.

This is about all I can think of at the moment regarding Halo 5. The guys over at Halo Follower created a impressions video where I agreed on most, if not all of the points made. Check it out below.

Got a different opinion or have something you would like to share? Please let me know in the comments below!

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