Is Destiny’s Expansion screwing over those that didn’t buy it? Yes.

Blinded by anger I failed to see that the strikes on Earth are actually different strikes, not the ones that have been done a million times.

Some Destiny players that didn’t purchase the £20 DLC/Expansion feel as if they have been left in the shitter, and rightfully so.

We don’t need Sherlock Holmes to work out that Bungie/Activision didn’t release Destiny with all its content. With content shown in the pre-release videos and trailers that is no where to be found in the final cut, along with the game feeling as if there are many things missing, its obvious the game has been cut up to be released in separate packages.

To make matters worse, they have removed some features from players that didn’t purchase the recent Dark Below DLC expansion.

Is it right? To remove aspects of a £45 / $60  game from players because they didn’t want to or couldn’t pay more? Its ridiculous and it really shouldn’t be happening.

The current Weekly Strikes on Destiny should be available to all players, not just those who purchased DLC. Why? THE WEEKLY STRIKES ARE THE SAME AS BEFORE!

The current weekly strikes are on Earth, they are the strike that have been played thousands of times before the DLC released. These strikes are also for players level 30 and below, players can now get level 31 without the DLC. Why aren’t they available to all players? Oh wait, because Bungie made a contract with Activision.

Its totally acceptable to release DLC and have the DLC content unavailable to players that didn’t buy it. But to remove the ability to play parts of the game gamers could play before hand because they didn’t spend more? Words cannot explain how wrong that is.

I mean, that is really, really wrong. 

Bungie cared for the fans with Halo, but with the change of employees and management when many of the previous Bungie guys and gals went over to 343 , It doesn’t really look like Bungie care any more. They signed a contract with Activision and now both companies are hungry for the money. The only reason Destiny sold as much as it did in its first week is because it sold off Bungie’s legacy. When Bungie worked on Halo, it was well known they cared for the players and the communities, they certainly listened, all console gamers wanted a piece of that cake along side the great game they were showing.

Bungie has fucked the players that love playing Destiny but can’t or don’t want to spend more money on The Dark Below DLC.

I guess you could make the argument ‘Oh its a console MMO, you are lucky you don’t pay every month like on PC!’
No wait, you can’t make that argument because its bullshit.

The typicall MMO has players advancing through the missions (quests) for days, even weeks before reaching the maximum level, and then they are left with grinding for gear through different raids. Thousands of the Destiny players finished the storyline and all of the strikes within the first few days, leaving only the grind and PvP left. That grind being those same missions and strikes with the same dialogue over and over.  A PC MMO has a wider range of different missions or quests, locations, enemies, events and raids, think Destiny with more variety and story with less Peter Dinklage, which in this case is a good thing.

So the ‘Subscription MMO’ is an invalid argument when it comes to paying for Destiny, the only people that should feel lucky that this game Isn’t £10 a month are Bungie and Activision, because there would be a shit-tonne of less players.

Its fact that Destiny players that have not purchased the DLC have been screwed over and if Bungie don’t fix it soon I’m sure they will be seeing a smaller player base.

There is certainly more that could be ranted about when it comes to Destiny but I think the point has been made by myself and many others.

Until next time my friends,
Try to game hard unless you are forced to pay more or go home.

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