Is The Crew going to have issues similar to AC: Unity on Launch? You probably shouldn’t buy it yet.

I’ve just finished reading Ubisoft’s blog post that tells us they are giving the press the same treatment as they got during their Assassins Creed Unity launch.

No professional reviewers, game press or anyone else working in the gaming industry will be receiving a review copy of The Crew nor will anyone be able to speak about it due to an embargo that ends as the game releases. That really does sound like they are trying to hide something or maybe I’m just too paranoid when it comes to game launches.

This also happened with AC: Unity, Ubisoft extended the embargo until the game was launched and didn’t let any reviewer ‘review’ it or even speak of it. This is most likely because they knew about the state the game was in before its launch but still wanted as much sales as possible. It isn’t a nice thing to do to the players and it could certainly be happening again to anyone looking to play The Crew on day one.

AC Unity bug

Think this, with cars!

The Following is Stated on Ubisoft’s Blog Post.

“The Crew will be available to media to begin their reviews when the game launches on December 2. ”
“While we fully anticipate that you might see some reviews immediately at launch – largely built around the preview sessions we facilitated during the past months or the limited content of the closed and open betas – they won’t be based on optimal conditions or reflect the finished game.”

Maybe Ubisoft are telling the truth, maybe they don’t want reviews on the game before its release for the reasons they stated both above in and their blog, but after the launch of AC: Unity, I wouldn’t recommend anyone purchase this tomorrow (December 2nd).

I hope the game releases flawlessly and has no game-breaking issues and everyone loves it, sadly the odds of that happening aren’t as high as we would all like. With Ubisoft treating the press in the same way they did with AC: Unity, the safest option would be to keep your 60 bucks in the wallet until you really know if the game was supposed to be launched.

Will you be taking the risk of purchasing this game straight off the bat or instead wait to see how it unfolds?

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