Lord of the Rings Online’s Community has some Issues.

While playing Lord of the Rings Online, i felt the urge to grind some deeds for the Turbine Points and traits that come after completion.

I rode to the best Harvest-Fly Slayer deed spot within the shire in order to mutilate 90 flies. During the 1st five minutes, someone also decided to come and join the fly-shooting fun but after seeing i was already there and killing the majority of the enemies, the player left.

I sent this player a /tell asking if they were also looking to complete the deed and the reply was something along the lines of ‘Yes but i will come back later’. Why come back later? There is a group option in this game and those in fellowships share enemy kills meaning 2 people can farm these mobs at once.

Instead of the player thinking, oh, lets do it together, he/she felt that they should come back later when no one is around. Why?

Lord of the Rings Online has an alright community. It is nothing award winning although it certainly isn’t recognised as a ‘bad’ community, however after playing it quite a lot recently, it seems too many people don’t believe in helping others.

Everyone is playing Lord of the Rings Online to enjoy themselves in Middle-Earth, why don’t people want to accomplish things together?

I invited the player that would rather wait until i was done to a group and within 10 minutes the deed was completed, and we were rewarded with 15 TP, reputation and a trait. As a thank you for helping I offered the player a lump of my Beorn’s Honey-cake (its not a sexual thing) but they politely declined.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Lotro players act as if the community is nothing.

Don't let the sense of community die!

Don’t let the sense of community die!

This has been seen way too many times: someone asking for help on the world chat and the general response from active players seen online almost every day is either“google it, use lotro_wiki stop asking /world things you can work it out on your own” or they try to provide a false answer or information in order to look funny as if they are trying to make themselves look better.

If you are wondering why Lord of the Rings Online doesn’t have an award winning community, you probably don’t play it.

A large number of Lord of the Rings Online players have been there for multiple years and to some people that means they don’t bother or care for anyone that is new.

People asking for help when they don’t have any friends within the game or aren’t apart of any Kinship are usually replied too with false information, hate or nothing. Its a rare sight to see someone actually give a real response.

Trying to play and get into Monster Player (AKA Creep) is also a really though challenge for newbies if they don’t know anyone in the server.

Lotro’s PVP isn’t the easiest to get into, especially on creep-side and there are many reasons why. The one I see most often is players ‘camping’ the monster player’s questing locations. That isn’t wrong because it is Player vs Player and everyone should be on their guard wherever they go on the map but it does make it more of a challenge for low ranked creeps.

Another reason why its extremely difficult for newer folk to get into the creep-side PVP is similar to the /world chat channel problem stated above.

New players on Creep-side are usually shut out when trying to ask for help on the main chat channel by people who just want to look funny or make a joke. It really is a problem and its one reason why Lord of the Rings Online doesn’t see many new players.

The community isn’t bad but it certainly isn’t great. The players within it are the reason why. ┬áIf you see someone asking for some advice and you know the answers, help them out!

The small things done by each player can result in a large and positive change in attitude throughout the game.

I’d like to end this without the thought of ‘bad community’ in people’s heads. As stated many times, its not bad but it can be better. People do help others and people do have a lot of fun. The more the merrier.

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3 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings Online’s Community has some Issues.

  • exploderator

    Some people might try to dismiss your point, based on that such behavior will vary by server and crowd, but your basic point is true, and the LOTRO community has some real issues.

    What frustrates me the most is that there is a huge amount of opportunity for Turbine to include effective behavioral guidance into the game. They can offer incentives, like they did with open tapping, and they can offer explicit guidance, encouragement for players to be helpful. While the lore itself already embodies the spirit of cooperation, it is necessary to also encourage people to do it more, by designing the game to teach and reward people for constructive behavior.

    The final stroke that would help immensely is allowing toons to dynamically scale down their level to match lower level content, while still getting true-level appropriate rewards, perhaps through a system like the big battle rewards that add up as you play. This would allow higher level toons to come back into lower levels, and play on level with newer players, or just play content from earlier areas of the game that they like, thus making the lower levels more lively again. Leveling up should not burn the bridge behind us. We complain of getting bored at level cap, meanwhile new players are isolated and alone. But to go back, we have to start new toons, abandoning the toons we already have so much investment in. Leveling up is a necessary gateway to gaining access to new content, to staging the system of progress through the game. But it needs to be matched by the ability to scale back. We should be able to go back and play anything we’ve gained access to, with people also at that level, while getting some relevant reward from the content.

    Down-scaling levels need not be a hard problem to solve. I think a simple fractional multiplier on the stats would do the trick, so that all the details of weapons, armour, jewelry and skills wouldn’t have to be adjusted at all. It’s just a simple total nerf job of the stats, much like is already done to up-scale lower level toons in various situations. I expect the exact amount of reduction would have to be based on a big table, and hand-tuned appropriately for different areas and classes, but that is not hard.

    • Dicerz Post author

      I couldn’t agree any more. Although i still enjoy the game and i do play with close friends. The down-scaling would make the over all experience a lot funner.