My account after the Halo: MCC Content Update made to improve Matchmaking

This article was written in real-time, everything you see below is an account of what happened to me while trying to play Halo AFTER the update that was supposed to make Match making a lot better.

I’m going to write an article until i find a game. As soon as it ends, i probably found a game.

So 343i finally update Halo: MCC to the state it should have been in a late Beta test. I’ve been playing and not playing it since the patch rolled out not 2 hours ago.

First things first, the update was around 1300mb (if i seen that correctly). It took about 30-40 minutes for it to complete with me and since then i’ve played 3 Halo 2 Anniversary matchmaking games.

I’m still having issues finding games, but now i can find games. Its taking me 5-10 minutes after each game to find some players and I have an open NAT with a pretty average internet connection/speed.

It is also repeatedly telling me things like ‘Connecting to session’ , ‘Players found’, ‘More players found’ in the bottom left hand corner of the screen while also showing me 9 open ‘Searching…’ slots.

During a game search, i’ve also been told numerous times that “can’t connect to game session” which is fairly annoying.

There are a number of small bugs i’ve noticed that i can’t remember off the top of my head, but they are not easy to miss and luckily they don’t break the game.

So the real question is being asked, did 343’s Content Update on the 20th of November fix Halo MCC?

The answer is no. Not for me at least. I’ve still not found a game but I’m running out of things to say, i’ll go restart the search and continue writing

**Restarting the Search**

Okay, it is telling me it is searching for players once again.

Where was I? Oh, the real question.

For me, Halo: MCC has not been cured of the problems no game should have after a launch, and especially after a launch of a collection of games that have all been launched already.

**Still searching…**

So I’ve not found any players yet, maybe it has something to do with me being in the UK and its 1.30am? Its a thursday night, surely most of the UK with normal jobs are in bed, i hope that is the cause of my Halo: MCC problems for the moment.

So, Halo is still fucked but i did say at the beginning of this article i would write until i found a game…

I tried using Twitch to stream my first few games after the patch, but having a couple of people watching me was actually putting me off slightly so i decided to end it. I will do it again in the future, but not right now… why not you ask? well I’m not really finding any games and I’m still searching.

Now Halo is telling me over and over that its found players and its connecting to the game, but i have found no players and i am connecting to NO game!

I’ll try searching in a different playlist, Halo 3 here I come!

**Switches playlist to Halo 3**

Hopefully i have some luck with a game that isn’t Halo 2.

Now I am not lying when i say this is all being typed, even the writing in ** while i am searching for a game of Halo AFTER the update that apparently fixes the multiplayer issue.

I’m starting to get a little impatient, i pause between paragraphs to think of things to write so add an extra few minutes to the timer! what timer? i don’t know, im going to cut my eyes out!

No halo 3 game found as of yet, its been about 2 or 3 minutes. Again its teasing me with a ‘Connecting to session’ ‘players found’ but nothing is happening.

Its time for another action: RESET THE XBOX!

Okay, pause the imaginary timer  while i reset this piece of junk.

**Resets Xbox One**

Okay the console is loading, if this doesn’t work i’ll probably reset my router and see if it has anything to do with my connection, although it should because i have no problems match making on other games.

Okay I’m now searching for a Halo game once again.

You see that first paragraph you read, it was in bold italics? I just wrote that while waiting. I wonder how long this will take before i just give up and go to bed, it is almost 2am after all.

I’ll try for maybe another 30 minutes.

I don’t know why it just started to take so long to find a game, i found 2 or 3 games soon after the update and now after the 3rd i can’t find another? What is going on! Did more people jump on the game and it broke the servers? Again? OH SHIT!!!

I’ve found players!!! I’ll quit writing when the map finishes loading because I’ve found players before and they leave/disconnect.

I’ve literally run out of things to type, i really just want to play Halo!

It sounded like someone just said ‘I like shredded wheat’ in the lobby.


Team Slayer BRs on Shrine it is, i like that map. it was remade on Reach, i liked it.

So the map is now loading and hopefully this will be rounded up so i can actually play the game again. My fingers hurt from all this typing, I will probably play shit now.

Okay, its done. im in a game. Thanks for reading this detailed account of my – shit its started bye.

Hello. Its only been a few minutes into the game but the superb match making has made it 5v4, I’m on the team of 4 and within the 1st minute i was on the only one with a kill. I died writing that.

brb playing again.

**Just finished playing a game**

Okay so the game has been ended and its time to round up the experience overall.

Not great.

It still took way too long and an Xbox reset to get into a match made game, inside that match made game it was 5v4.

So i got 13 kills in that game, not great i know but guess what, it was the most in my team. The game ended with it being 5v3 because someone left. I personally believe it was an unfair matchup, 4 then 3v5 with the other tearing through my team mates, i was the second best in the lobby.

So, match making times are still too long, it is still a pain to find a game and when you do, it can still be and unfair matchup.

I really, really hope i was the only one that experienced this because I FUCKING LOVE HALO. I love halo and there are others that love it more, I hope they are not having issues.

I know this update was to help the game, not to totally fix it. Like i said i love Halo and its creators… but… this game should not have been released, this is ridiculous.

Detailed account over.

I have not edited anything I wrote above, it started out as a normal article and finally I started to go crazy with frustration. I hope you enjoyed what was written while I passing the time searching for my next game AFTER the update on the 20th. Good luck and have fun.

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This was a REAL detailed account of myself attempting to find a multiplayer game in Halo: MCC after the content update that fixed match making issues. 

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