Why Splashers are Dying in PvP Worlds – Oldschool Runescape

Recently there came about a new way to interrupt Oldschool Runescape players while they are splashing. Splashers are coming back to find their characters dead on the PvP world they though they were safe on.

With the introduction of Membership bonds, some crafty players figured out how to use these bonds in order to interrupt players ‘splashing’ on mobs. Its done by simple using the Bond on the splasher, this interrupts his or her never ending combat. If the player looking to kill the Splasher on the PvP world can use the bond on the splasher and then kill the enemy mob before it has time to attack and re-engage the never ending combat, the splashing will stop and anyone can attack the AFK splasher.

So if you are a splasher, AFK training you mage on PvP worlds, watch out because you can be killed, even if your ‘accept aid’ option is turned off.

Obviously this splash-ending technique has its downfall. Anyone looking to kill AFK splashers runs the risk of losing a bond (1+ million gp). If a splasher isn’t AFK during the time a player uses a bond on them, they can simply accept the free bond then log out or leg it out of there.

Personally i think this a good way to balance out splashing. Some players don’t like it, some do. With this odd method of countering people that AFK train magic, it makes splashing a little more risky but at the same time, splashers could get free bonds out of it.

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