Body Dropper Guide – Destiny Daily Bounty to Kill 100 Enemies Without Dying

The daily Destiny vanguard bounty that is killing 100 enemies without dying (AKA Body Dropper) is a fairly simple one that doesn’t take a long time to complete.

Before reading on to find out a way to clear 100 enemies in no time to complete the body dropper bounty, make sure you keep in mind your other bounties.

Don’t look to complete the body dropper on its own if you have any other daily vanguard bounties that will require you to kill enemies. Some examples would be patrol bounties, bounties that require mission completion and relic harvest bounties. This bounty isn’t a big deal and can be completed doing almost any activity that isn’t the crucible in Destiny.

If you still need to kill a large amount of enemies for the the dark beyond meme woken the hivebody dropper vanguard bounty, load up the mission moon named The Dark Beyond. You may also know it as the mission where the Dinklebot yells “We’ve woken the Hive!” and then dozen of enemies come running at you. This mission has an abundance of enemies to kill and should allow you to complete the 100 kills for the Body Dropper bounty.

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