Fallen Leaders – Daily Destiny Vanguard Bounty Guide

Sadly, unlike most of the other bounties similar to this one there isn’t really a spot where you can grind out the 10 Fallen majors and ultras easily or extremely quickly.

However, there is mission on Venus (The Archive) that gives you the full 10 kills if you set the level on a Heroic modifier (Level 15 minimum).

So if you want to complete the Fallen Leaders bounty and kill 10 Fallen majors and ultras in around 10 minutes or so, head to Venus and load the mission ‘The Archive‘, that is the one where you get called ‘Dr Shim’ and then a tonne of Fallen enemies.

Most of the Fallen Majors and Ultras are encountered inside the Archive room near the end of the missions. You should encounter 3 or so Fallen enemies that have yellow HP bars on the way there.

If you don’t think you will get the bounty complete in that mission, just let an enemy kill you in the last area, respawn at the check-point and kill the yellow enemies again.

Enjoy your 100 Reputation and 5k XP!

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