Big Mo Location on Day 18 (May 18th) – Oldschool Runescape

Get the Location for May 22nd/Day 22 HERE.

Its a sunny new day in Oldschool Runescape and Big Mo has once again packed his bags and moved from his previous location. He has left thousands of players wondering where the heck he got to this time.

On May the 18th, Big Mo’s 18th day in the 2007scape world, he can be found in the Lighthouse (requires Horror from the Deep quest completion) , north of the Barbarian outpost. Big Mo’s exact location can be found on the OSRS map below.

Big Mo may 18th location day 18 guide where is big mo

*Note that Big Mo is on the 1st floor, but he only appears once you have completed the quest

If you have been keeping up with the Big Mo clue scrolls more often than not, you should start to see an increase of getting the clue scroll difficulty you asked for. The more you buy from him, the better your chances are.

Good luck in finding, completing and getting a good reward from the Big Mo cluescroll! Oh, and don’t forget your 50gp.

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