Big Mo Location on Day 22 (May 22nd) – Oldschool Runescape

Today is Friday, the 22nd of May and Big Mo has once again switched location. If you have come to find Big Mo in Oldschool Runescape, you have come to the right place.

On May the 22nd, Big Mo can be found in the Goblin Dungeon by the Fishing Guild. The entrance is circled on the 2007scape map below.

big mo day 22 may 22nd location guide osrs 2007scape oldschool runescape map

Those tunnels in OSRS aren’t dangerous and Big Mo can be found up the middle passageway.

Big Mo should be giving out the clue scroll difficulty you ask for if you have been purchasing them from him on a regular basis throughout May.

Don’t forget your 50 coins!

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