Big Mo Location on Day 23 (May 23rd) – Oldschool Runescape

BIG MO HAS MOVED! Click HERE to find him.

Big Mo, the travelling Clue Scroll salesman has once again moved location. By now almost every OSRS player knows about Big Mo, unfortunately all of these players are left searching for him every 24 hours.

It is currently May the 23rd, Big Mo’s 23rd day in 2007 Runescape and he can be found in Yanille by the Wizards tower. The exact location is circled on the oldschool map below.

big mo day 23 may 23rd location guide tutorial oldschool runescape 2007

Big Mo charges 50 coins for his Clue Scrolls, don’t become one of the many people that forget their coins! Lets hope we all get the clue scrolls we asked for and the rewards we look for.

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