Big Mo Location on Day 25 (May 25th) – Oldschool Runescape

BIG MO HAS MOVED! Click HERE to find him.

Its another day in OSRS and Big Mo can moved somewhere completely insane. Thousands of 2007 players are hunting him down, why hunt when you can just look at the map below!

It is currently the 25th of May and in Oldschool Runescape,  Big Mo can be found in the Seers Village pub/tavern/bar. It’s the second building to the west from the bank.

big mo may 25 location where is big mo oldschool runescape 2007

If you have been purchasing clue scrolls from Big Mo all month, the chances of you getting what you ask for should be pretty high. Big Mo only sells his clue scrolls for 50gp so don’t forget your stacks of cash!

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