Big Mo Location on Day 30 (May 30th) – Oldschool Runescape

So its Big Mo’s second last day in Oldschool Runescape and Big Mo has once again moved shop. This is one of your last chances to grab a Clue Scroll for only 50gp!

On May the 30th, Big Mo’s second last day in OSRS, he can be found in the Tree Gnome Village maze. The exact location (and the route through the maze to find him) is on the map below.

big mo location may 30th maze where is big mo

Thanks to Reddit user 808_Track for posting this

That is it for Big Mo’s second last day in 2007scape. Enter the maze from the south eastern side and make your way up to where Big Mo can be found.

Good luck in getting the clue scroll that you asked for and in getting a decent reward.

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