Big Mo Location on Day 5 (May 5th) – Oldschool Runescape

Get the Location for May 22nd/Day 22 HERE.

Big Mo has been around the 2007scape world for a few days now and thousands of players are on the hunt for him each day.

Today’s date is the 5th of May and its the fifth day Big Mo has been around. The giant clue scroll vendor can be found on the 5/5/2015 in Relleka, the exact location is on the oldschool RS map below.

osrs 2007scape big mo may 5th clue scrolls 50 day 5 location guide

Lets hope all of us OSRS players get the Clue Scroll we asked for today and that the rewards aren’t worthless! Good luck and have fun.

If you enjoy watching 2007scape videos, check out these Big Mo adventures:

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