Big Mo Location on Day 8 (May 8th) – Oldschool Runescape

Get the Location for May 22nd/Day 22 HERE.

Big Mo has packed up and left his previous location in OSRS and has decided to make camp elsewhere. Thousands of 2007scape players are hunting him down and luckily for them, we have the location.

For the Oldschool Runescape players that don’t pay much attention to the happenings of the game, Big Mo is a travelling salesman that sells Clue Scrolls for 50gp. He only sells you 1 clue per day and moves location every 24 hours.

On May the 8th in 2007 Runescape, Big Mo can be found south of the Castle Wars minigame. His exact location is on the OSRS map below:

big mo day 8 castle wars may 8th location clue scroll reward osrs 2007scape oldschool runescape

Good luck in getting the clue scroll difficulty you are hoping for! Big Mo tends to run out of stock on the one you want more often than not.

If you enjoy watching OSRS on Youtube, Check out this Big Mo adventure!

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