Blue Dragons (Taverly) Safe Spot Guide – Oldschool Runescape

This safe spot guide for Blue Dragons will be for the ones located in the Taverly Dungeon only. 

The Blue Dragons in 2007scape are an enemy often sought after due to being a fairly common slayer task and having valuable drops. However, the Blue Dragons are the 3rd strongest type of dragon and they can be tough to kill unless you are using range or mage from a safe spot.

In Taverly dungeon, there are 3 blue dragons and another 5 or so baby blue dragons. There is 4 different range and mage safe spots that allow you to kill the dragons with ease.

Blue Dragon Safe Spot 1:

blue dragon safe spots taverly dungeon oldschool runescape 2007

You are safe from the blue dragons if you stick around the stalagmites found at the north-western part of the blue dragon area. Two of the 3 dragons are easy to attack from a safe distance using this location.

Blue Dragon Safe Spot 2:

blue dragon safe spots taverly dungeon oldschool runescape 2007 guide

At the end of the blue dragon zone within the Taverly dungeon there is a narrow passage leading south. You are able to safely range or mage the 3rd blue dragon here as it cant reach you.

It is important to remember that you need a shield or potion that absorbs dragon fire. Without the protection, the blue dragons can deal massive damage as soon as you leave the safe zones. Also keep in mind that baby blue dragons can fit into these safe spots although they are not very dangerous.

Those two safe spots work as the best places to attack blue dragons from within the Taverly dungeon. Sadly you aren’t safe from the annoying baby blue dragons that can fit into the safe spots and start attacking you.


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