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The Shire Slayer Deeds Brigand Slayer Map Location

You should be able to locate brigands and kill them happily with the help of this map alone. For further details, coordinates and help on the Brigand Slayer deed within the Shire, continue reading.

Instructions: It could actually be fairly difficult for someone not familiar with this game to locate all of the camps and brigands within this location. This location is Narrowcleeve and personally i believe it to be the best farming spot for brigands within the Shire.

The Shire Slayer Deeds Brigand Slayer Map Location Narrowcleeve entrance

This is the way to get into the Narrowcleeve brigand area. Just cross the river and you should instantly see brigands. Start killing!

The Shire Slayer Deeds Brigand Slayer Map Location Narrowcleeve Small camp

This is a small brigand camp within Narrowcleeve. There is plenty of brigands, it looks empty because the Hobbit in the picture was doing the deed, i bet he was using this guide.

The Shire Slayer Deeds Brigand Slayer Map Location Narrowcleeve main camp

Just up the hill further or behind the small camp in the image above this one, there is the larger camp with even more brigands inside. Again, it looks a little empty because this Hobbit was killing them.

There is over 30 brigands in this location, so clearing the place out 3 times should get you the total 90 kills in order to complete the Brigand Slayer deeds within the Shire.


Defeat Brigands within the Shire.
Defeat 30 Brigands.
Defeat 60 Brigands (Advanced).


  • Ability to defeat level 9-11 enemies


  • 5 Turbine Points
  • ‘Bounder’s Friends’ title
  • Increased Mathom Society Reputation

Brigand-Slayer (Advanced)

  • 10 Turbine Points
  • Virtue Trait: Justice
  • Increased Mathom Society Reputation
  • 30 Marks

If you have any friends or kinship members that also need to complete this deed, bring them here!

If you see any details wrong or outdated, please let me know @Jack_GUK on twitter and i will change it ASAP!


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