Cleansing Light Vanguard Bounty Guide – Kill 3 Enemies with 1 Super 20 Times

Cleansing light is the Vanguard bounty that requires players to kill 3 enemies with a single super use. This guide shows a great location to complete this Destiny Vanguard bounty alongside some extra tips and advice you should keep in mind.

The first thing you should do when it comes to supering 3 enemies at once 20 times is take a look at your other bounties and missions you need to complete. Obviously this bounty can be done anywhere, so remember to advance in the Cleansing Light bounty as your playing Destiny and completing other things (bounties, strikes, dailies and stuff).

There is a great location on Venus that allows you to complete this bounty in 20 or so minutes if you are eager to get it done without worrying about anything else.

The video embedded below is a 2 minute guide made by Youtuber easynow1337. The video shows you the sweet spot to complete cleansing light.

So head to Venus, go to the corner of the city area where the Servitor and other Fallen spawn, kill them and jump off the door frame to let them respawn. Use your super whenever possible, rinse and repeat.

Now you should be able to complete the Cleansing Light vanguard bounty with ease for the next 10 years of Destiny’s life.

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