Daily Bounty Guide – One for All – Destiny

The ‘One for All’ Vanguard bounty requires Guardians to achieve 3 gold medals in Public Events.

Public events occur at random intervals as you run around on the planets within Destiny. Without reading up on how to find public events more efficiently, finding public events and getting a gold star in 3 of them can be a real pain in the ass.

There is a very valuable website that helps players find Public Events a lot easier, this website is DestinyPublicEvents.com. There is an embedded video below explaining how this website works in more detail.

Visit the website here.

Public Events in Destiny are sometimes quite difficult. If possible, you should bring a friend or two when looking to complete the One for All bounty. It will make it easier to achieve a gold rating in any public event.

I’ve shown you the thing that shows you how to find Public events easier, the part where you need to not suck and get gold for the One for All bounty is up to you!

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