Exalted Hive Vanguard Bounty Guide – Kill 10 Hive Majors or Ultras

If you don’t know the proper locations to quickly kill Hive majors or ultras, this Exalted Hive bounty can be a real pain in the ass.

There is one extremely fast location on Earth that allows you to defeat 10 Hive enemies that have yellow health bars. This spot also provides a lot of glimmer and there is a chance you will encounter a Blade of Crota and be able to use the sword.

Head to Earth and patrol the Cosmodrome. As soon as you spawn in, to the left there should be a little hut. Head down the stairs then find and kill the 3 hive enemies that have yellow health bars.

This clip I recorded shows the area to complete the Exalted Hive bounty. 

As soon as you have killed the 3 yellow health bar enemies, run back up the way you came and run a few meters towards the spawn location. Turn around, run back down and kill the same three enemies again. Rinse and repeat this until you have completed the vanguard bounty.

The reason you must run up the way you came and then back down is to let the 3 Hive major/ultra enemies respawn. They will respawn much faster if you leave the hut then go back.

As seen in the clip above, this guide on the Exalted Hive bounty is for higher levels (level 18+). If you are low level, click here to see a guide for you. 

Enjoy the 5,000 XP and 100 Reputation!

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